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Toyota turns the Corolla wagon into a mini cargo hauler
That hatch is still something to behold
When it comes to the list of global releases we're hurt we didn't get locally, the western-spec Toyota Corolla is easily one of the top entries. Not only did markets like the US get a hatch version, but the
It’s “lighter, torquier, and grippier” than the standard version
The last time we heard of a CEO being directly involved in car development, it didn't end well. Here we have another example of the big boss getting hands-on, although this time we're unlikely to witness another executive scalping...
Thank God
No more teasers, no more trailers, and no more Easter eggs-Toyota has finally unveiled the 2022 GR Corolla hot hatch in its entirety. Thank God, too. Who else was getting tired of all the buildup?By the looks of it, though,
At least that’s what all of us think
Toyota has been teasing its new hot hatch-the GR Corolla-over the past few months, albeit the carmaker has been doing it in a rather interesting manner. Just check the last teaser, and you'll see what we mean.Anyway, it
We’ve come up with a short list to mark TMP’s recent sales milestone
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently reached a massive milestone: more than two million units sold in our market. Two million vehicles. That's a lot of cars sold in just three and a half decades.To mark the occasion, we've decided
A matter of when, not if
Late last month, Toyota dropped a pretty inconspicuous image of a car interior on Instagram. For the vanilla follower, it was just another run-of-the-mill scheduled social-media post. But eagle-eyed fans of the brand were able to determine
Any sharp-eyed readers here?
Yes, this is a photo of a Toyota's interior-a Corolla hatchback for the US market, if we're being precise. It was shared by the Japanese carmaker on Instagram, and at first glance, it seem like nothing more than just
Still dreaming of the day this makes it to our market
The Toyota Corolla as a police car isn't exactly an entirely new proposition around these parts. We've seen quite a few of them around here, albeit in the form of older-generation Altis units. It's a perfectly serviceable choice,
Do you prefer this design or not?
More than a year after its global launch, the Corolla Cross is finally making its way to Toyota's home market of Japan. The compact SUV, however, debuts in the Land of the Rising Sun looking slightly different.The press release calls
Meet the Toyota Corolla Commercial
A few weeks ago, we said the Toyota Yaris Ecovan "may be the most sensible object ever built." Well, good thing we kept it at 'may,' because Toyota has now blanked out the windows of something even more practical.This is the
Updating the ’80s rear-wheel-drive icon for today’s car enthusiasts
One of the most popular Toyotas of the '80s was the E70 Corolla. It ditched its predecessor's curves and embraced the boxy look that many of us associate with '80s-era cars. The sporty 1.6-liter 1600GT variant that was
What would you add to this list?
As much as we love hatchbacks, we know that they aren't really sales drivers for many car brands here in our market. That's why we've already come to accept the fact that there are just some hatchbacks that'll
*TCR regulations allow competition cars to have around 340hp and 410Nm
A stylish and feature-packed sedan that, quite recently, has also become incredibly fuel-efficient thanks to a new hybrid powertrain-that's what the Toyota Corolla is all about. Now, forget everything you just read for one second.We're not
In case you had doubts
You'd be forgiven for thinking Toyota's upcoming hydrogen-powered engine won't offer much in terms of excitement. Despite being built to tuck into an endurance-spec Corolla Sport, the use of hydrogen is most commonly associated with fuel cell
This Indonesian YouTuber has some mad skills
You've probably seen motorcycles made out of lighters, a hobby people have been engaging in for decades. But what about cars?If there's one thing this pandemic has done, it's given a lot of bored craftsmen plenty of time
We wouldn’t mind hitting the track with these
If only our market had a bit more love for hatchbacks, then we probably wouldn't find ourselves longing for models like the five-door Toyota Corollas. We're sure there's a lot of wagon- and hatch-loving folks out there
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