Will the Toyota or the Ford come out on top?
We here at Top Gear Philippines have already done proper shakedowns of the market's most popular midsize SUVs. We've also done comparos between multiple models. What we haven't done yet, however, is compare the segment's best-seller-the
The Middle East just loves big engines
When it comes to midsize SUVs, it's practically a no-brainer to choose a diesel-powered model over something with a gas engine, at least in the local setting. Either way, you won't have much of a choice here since
Looking for a starter car?
Buying a car can be an intimidating experience if you're a newbie motorist. Thankfully, brands are making it easy for customers to bite on a deal with easy payment options.Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), for example, is making plenty of its
What a start to the year
We've observed over the past few years that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) usually starts implementing price increases in January. Well, after the recent adjustments to the Wigo's pricing, it seems TMP has more lined up for this month.The carmaker
How do you like this kit on Toyota’s top-spec midsize SUV?
Modellista has done it yet again-it's managed to make another Toyota look beefier than it should with a new bodykit. The subject this time? The ever-popular Fortuner.This is a bit different from the other Modellista kit we saw
One of the most common reasons why people buy midsize SUVs is to be able to cross flooded roads in Metro Manila. This Toyota Fortuner GR-S, though, looks more like it was built to push cars stranded in flood out of
Gas station trauma will be a thing of the past
Over the years, bidets have become relatively commonplace inside coffee shop and restaurant bathrooms. Gas stations, though? In most cases, a trusty tabo is the best you're going to get.It's a damn shame if we're being honest, and
The Fuel Your Fortune Promo runs until October 30, 2022
Heads up, Caltex customers: Chevron Philippines (CPI) is marking the return of its Fuel Your Fortune raffle promo. From August 8 to October 30, 2022, the company will be handing out a lot of prizes and freebies to lucky motorists.For the
This and the LTD are now the only trim levels available in that market
Do you dig the top-spec Toyota Fortuner's look with that aggressive-looking front fascia? If you do, then consider yourself lucky-this might be the only Fortuner face we'll be seeing in our market soon.In Thailand, Toyota has
The Fortuner will get as big as a P39k increase, while the Vios gets a P10k bump
Were you looking to buy a brand-new Toyota this year? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will be implementing a general price increase effective June 1, 2022.According to a trusted
It’ll still pack a 2.8-liter turbodiesel but with added electric power
Toyota's electrification efforts continue. This time, it appears a model that's very popular here in our market will be getting the electric treatment: the Fortuner.The next iteration of the midsize SUV is expected to come with a mild-hybrid
Did these influence your car-buying decision this year?
Toward the end of 2020, activity around the local automotive industry started picking up, and we saw a good number of new and refreshed nameplates arrive in our market. This trend continued throughout 2021, so there was no scarcity of new offerings
Toyota’s new Gazoo Racing models have officially arrived
Out with all the teasers and the speculations: Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now launched the Fortuner GR-S. And this time, it's official.The jazzed-up midsize SUV looks exactly as advertised, sporting new bumpers on both front and rear
That was quick
It looks like the Toyota Fortuner GR-S will be officially launched on Saturday, October 23, 2021. This comes just a week after it made its first public appearance at the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup.Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) confirmed
Stoked for the upcoming launch?
We finally have confirmation that Toyota's Hilux and Fortuner GR-S models are on their way to the Philippines. Sort of.Units of these two have actually landed on our shores already, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) was happy enough to
Our source tells us that V variants will also be getting upgrades
As we said in a previous story, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is expected to launch the Hilux and Fortuner GR-S models on November 3. Now that you've heard all there is to it about the pickup truck, it's time
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