It’s “lighter, torquier, and grippier” than the standard version
The last time we heard of a CEO being directly involved in car development, it didn't end well. Here we have another example of the big boss getting hands-on, although this time we're unlikely to witness another executive scalping...
At least that’s what all of us think
Toyota has been teasing its new hot hatch-the GR Corolla-over the past few months, albeit the carmaker has been doing it in a rather interesting manner. Just check the last teaser, and you'll see what we mean.Anyway, it
Well, sort of
Man, we really hope this is the last one. Toyota has dropped another teaser for the upcoming GR Corolla hatch's really more of the same, if we're being honest. But hey, at least now we get to see
Well, sort of...
Frankly, how Toyota is treating the reveal of the GR Corolla hatch is becoming some kind of sadistic joke. The thing is, we love it-in a sad, desperate kind of way.The Japanese car manufacturer has released yet another teaser for
A matter of when, not if
Late last month, Toyota dropped a pretty inconspicuous image of a car interior on Instagram. For the vanilla follower, it was just another run-of-the-mill scheduled social-media post. But eagle-eyed fans of the brand were able to determine
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