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Here are the complete specs
There are a lot of rumors flying around saying Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will be launching GR Sport models in our market soon. But now, a source has given us more than just confirmation-we finally have the specs and prices, too.
Especially in white
The way the GR badge has been thrown around the past several months has been...mixed. There have been some pretty neat rides to come out of those two letters, including the GR version of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser and
This might be the perfect ride for fur parents
Road trips with dogs are always fun, but they aren't always easy. Japanese company Flex has gone the extra mile to address just that by putting together a set of accessories and modifications that turns the Toyota Hiace into the ultimate '
Aesthetically, at least
With all the aftermarket add-ons and packages available to truck owners these days, you really need to do a lot if you really want to stand out. If you're having trouble finding inspiration for how to take your Toyota Hilux
Everything else except the base variant also gets significant price increases
It appears it's not just the Toyota Fortuner that's getting price bumps and updates this month. Upon checking Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) website, we noticed that TMP adjusted the prices of not only the Fortuner but also the Hilux as
Hot damn
The annual Dakar Rally doesn't just play host to the industry's most extreme off-roaders-it's also a showcase of some of the planet's most rugged-looking rides. If it were a contest of looks instead of outright
It’s got elements from the Tacoma, too
We've been bombarded with Gazoo Racing- and Modellista-kitted Toyotas over the past few months. Frankly, it's getting a bit tiring, but yet here we are again sharing renders of another reimagined Toyota. Don't worry, though, it's got
Keep them coming?
Man, Toyota Thailand just can't seem to keep its hands off the Hilux. Remember late in August when the market was treated to a low-riding version of the midsize pickup? Well, the brand has followed this up with yet another
And to the low-riding Hilux GR Sport model
As much as many of us here love to see dressed-up Toyotas, we know the flurry of Gazoo Racing Sport models over the past few weeks may have garnered mixed reactions from a lot of people. The low-riding Hilux in
Pickups are usually associated with a high ride, off-road capability, and workhorse mentality. In Thailand, though? There's a little more to trucks over there than you think.Take the Toyota Hilux GR Sport that's just been launched there, for
An interesting payment option
When it comes to buying cars, flexibility is king. No responsible customer wants to put themselves in a bind financially, and as a result, dealerships are constantly throwing in option after option via special financing plans, cash discounts, and even trade-in
Rugged form over rugged function
Filipinos love pickup trucks-that much is certain. One just needs to take a cursory glance at EDSA and you would see countless dressed-up pickups plying our roads. Big wheels, roll bars, bull bars, step boards, lights-name it, and someone
Given the money, of course
Some people buy a car to prove to everyone that they've made it big. Others? They prioritize the one person who likely put them in the position to do so in the frist place.We're talking about our moms, of
How about that?
Your eyes do not deceive you. That Toyota above is, in fact, a Fortuner with the face of a Hilux. We're big on creative renders here at Top Gear PH-you might have seen our Land Cruiser FJ40 already-so it'
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