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Is this a sign?
Last week, another market hype train got going as photos of a Toyota C-HR in the Philippines-plying the streets in Dagupan City-surfaced online.We asked our friends from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) if any big news regarding the Japanese
Is it coming to our market?
The Toyota C-HR, with its futuristic looks and funky interior, is a vehicle our market has been lusting over since it was first revealed back in 2016. Europe has it already, as do a couple of markets in Asia-and now,
Did you see these at PIMS?
Last week, the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. This five-day event gathered car enthusiasts from all around the country and wowed them with a lineup of concept cars, upcoming and currently
Planning to get into ride-hailing?
There's a reason the Toyota Vios is one of our country's most popular ride-hailing vehicles: It's just so damn reliable. And now, the subcompact sedan is about to further cement its place as one of the industry's
A mean, green crime-fighting machine
Well, this is a surprise. Earlier today, photos of a truck full of Toyota Prius police cars surfaced on social media. They were white, equipped with sirens, and featured bodywork decals and the word pulisya plastered on the hood and the rear
‘So much room for activities!’
The Toyota TJ Cruiser is an odd-looking thing. Its polarizing exterior-composed of hard lines, bulky proportions, and a ridiculously oversized face and grille-is going to be a point of debate for many of those who manage to see it
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