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Big news regarding the little hatch
Back at the start of April, we heard through the grapevine that a unit of the all-new Toyota Wigo had already arrived in the Philippines, hinting at an upcoming launch. Well, we just received a tip from a source that said
The expansion continues
Among all the automakers in the country, Toyota has the widest reach. It has over 70 dealerships nationwide, so it's comfortably in the lead in that aspect. But that isn't stopping the Japanese automaker from expanding its reach even further.
A source tells us that this could be the case
Toyota made headlines last year when it announced that the next-generation Innova was finally going hybrid. As expected, a lot of people started asking questions about whether or not the all-new model would arrive here.Well, word has just started
The comeback is real
Back in February, it was reported that the Toyota Tamaraw will be making its comeback soon in the Philippines. It was essentially confirmed by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) president Atsuhiro Okamoto, along with mentions of a diesel engine that will power the
It will be completed by the first half of 2024
It's an end of an era for Lexus in the Philippines. 14 years since the brand's official arrival in the country, Toyota's luxury division will move to a new home in Bonifacio Global City. That said, we'll miss
It spent nearly two decades in production
Toyota has a long history of holding on to a single generation of pickup for over a decade. For instance, the 200 Series Land Cruiser lasted for 13 years, the Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series is still around today after 14 years.
A source says a unit has already arrived here
We know a lot of you are looking forward to seeing the all-new Wigo here ply our roads. The hatchback did go somewhat viral when Toyota launched the new model in Indonesia a couple of months back.What's up with
The Innova, meanwhile, can be yours for as little as P12,860 monthly
Anyone here looking to buy a brand-new vehicle anytime soon? If you are, check out what Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has to offer this month.TMP is rolling out its 'Start the fun!' promo for March, and it includes various Pay
It’s (over)due for a full model change
The Land Cruiser 70 Series aside, one of the oldest SUV's in Toyota's global lineup is the Land Cruiser Prado. The current-generation Prado has been around since 2009, making this SUV 14 years old. Only the aforementioned 70 Series
We base it on Indonesia pricing
Weeks after Toyota unveiled the all-new Wigo, the Japanese automaker finally put out all the details and specifications of its latest baby hatchback. We compared the specs of the old and new versions, and it's safe to say it's
It finally has a bigger engine
It's been a while since Toyota pulled the covers off the all-new Wigo mini hatchback. It has been one of the more significant global debuts for Toyota this year (so far), but there is one thing Japan's largest automaker
It could be revealed in a few months
The Alphard has been a surprise sales hit for Toyota ever since it was introduced here over a decade ago. If anything, the Alphard has practically become the de facto luxury van in the country. It still sells well to this day,
Will the Toyota or the Ford come out on top?
We here at Top Gear Philippines have already done proper shakedowns of the market's most popular midsize SUVs. We've also done comparos between multiple models. What we haven't done yet, however, is compare the segment's best-seller-the
It looks like Indonesia will be the main production hub for Innovas
It's been several months since Toyota premiered the third-generation Innova. The popular MPV made its global debut back in November 2022, and it's been raking in sales over in Indonesia and India. At the moment, it's only those
We’re still wishing for a stick-shift Supra here
When the revived fifth-generation Toyota Supra was launched several years ago, we were told that it might never be offered with a manual transmission. So from that moment on, just about every enthusiast and Supra fanatic in the world pled, begged,
The brand-new Toyota Hilux Conquest was gifted to him by his wife Neri
Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda has always maintained a strong social media presence over the years. You'll often see the vocalist post about his family, his gigs, and even his business ventures outside of the music scene.Over the weekend,
The little hatchback is all grown up
You've seen photos of the Perodua Axia, the Malaysian market's take on the Toyota Wigo. But while that model has been (mostly) revealed, we have yet to see what the Toyota-badged version will look like. With that, Toyota Indonesia
It’ll still have a diesel engine, but an EV version could also be an option
Back in December 2022, Toyota previewed its electric concepts in Thailand-one of those was what many saw as a workhorse that could succeed the famed Toyota Tamaraw. Well, it looks like that concept just might make it to the market in
The ‘Innova Zenix’ nameplate has actually been trademarked in the Philippines
Out of all the new Toyotas that have yet to hit our market, we know there's one that a lot of you are waiting for the most: the Innova.It's really no surprise you're all excited to see this
*As the Perodua Axia
Things are sure moving fast for the next-generation Toyota Wigo. Just a few weeks after its initial teaser, the Perodua version, the Axia, has unmasked itself ahead of its global premiere. With that, these photos will give us a better idea
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