Do you think this still deserves a spot in Toyota’s local lineup?
Toyota quietly removed the Prius C from our market sometime last month. If you check Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) website, you'll only find the bigger Prius listed there.That, however, doesn't mean that the end is nigh for the hybrid
“There is no better way to start the advocacy than with our future engineers and craftsmen”
To the car-loving university students out there, here's something to look forward to, courtesy of Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP): The carmaker has kicked off its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) campus tour, which aims to give you a better knowledge and
An annual tradition
The whole idea started in 2004-to come up with a motoring event that gives the media a chance to drive a manufacturer's lineup while enjoying the scenes of an attractive local destination. To stage the Toyota Road Trek once is
New special-edition variant looks playful
The Toyota Prius C may be a smaller, lighter version of the original Prius hatchback, but it hasn't scrimped on the one attribute that has made the Toyota hybrid almost legendary--eco-friendliness. Yet, for all its goodness, it might just
As long as the person is not corrupt
The alternative fuel bill, in its various iterations, has been dangled in front of us for so long it's not amusing anymore. This law is supposed to help hybrids, electric vehicles and other cars fueled by alternative sources become closer to
A fashionable four-wheel statement
This sounds ironic, but how much are you willing to spend in order to save money? Fuel efficiency is a popular selling point these days, with industry stalwarts like Mitsubishi and Isuzu demonstrating how ridiculously far you can go on a single
Check out the prices
In 2009, Toyota Motor Philippines launched the first hybrid vehicle in the country, the Prius. This model's popularity abroad made its name almost synonymous with hybrid cars in general. Despite that popularity not reflected in our market, Toyota went ahead and
We visit the Toyota Mega Web in Tokyo
We all know the best Japanese car models can be found in their home market: Japan, obviously. For Toyota, it has a facility located in the Odaiba district, just beside Tokyo Bay, that displays all the drool-worthy models it produces--including
The spartan hybrid
To paraphrase a saying, two things are inevitable in life: expensive gas and taxes. With the Toyota Prius C (C for "City"), the former may not bother you too much, but the latter certainly will. While the C only costs some P900,
Is the legend for real?
For our road trip story in our Japan Issue last month, we drove two Toyota Prii up to Baguio to try and see for ourselves if the legend of the Yamashita treasure was for real. Associate editor Paulo Subido, who grew up
Behind stablemate Corolla and Ford Focus
It may not apply to the Philippines but it's apparently true the world over: The Toyota Prius is now the third-best-selling car line in the world, with its first-quarter sales at 247,230 units. The only models supposedly
That's a lot of green vehicles
Total worldwide sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles, including those badged under its luxury brand Lexus, have reportedly breached the four-million-unit mark as of April 30 this year.Though the Toyota Prius is popularly known as the world's first mass-
Photos not published in our Japan Issue
Our road-trip story for our current Japan Issue (May 2012) shows us driving Toyota's Prius and Prius C to Baguio to "look" for the legendary Yamashita treasure. Once there, we interview people, do some "digging," and visit areas rich with
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