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“There’s enough room for anything from family hauling to full-on #vanlife”
Suddenly relevant 20 years later...
This is the Toyota DMT concept, which was unveiled at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, where the slogan was 'Open the Door! The Automobile's Bright Future.' We think it might be one of those things where the meaning evaporates in translation.
The whereabouts of the stolen vehicle were tracked using the smartphone app
Interconnectivity between cars and smartphones these days weren't introduced simply for convenience-there's a safety aspect to it, too. If you're one of those people who haven't really bought in on the whole idea yet, then maybe this
More spacious, more comfortable, and easier to drive than any pretentious 4x4
It's the car formerly known as the Caravelle: VW's van-mit-windows. But the Multivan, despite its name and place in the Volkswagen range, ain't no humble van. Oh, no. It's gone all upmarket and thinks it's
The V-Class is one of the best in the market
Planning to buy a family van on a not-so-modest budget? If you're in this boat, your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership might be worth checking out right now.Auto Nation Group (ANG), the German car manufacturer's office local distributor,
Think the local lineup needs an update?
Most local buyers consider the Toyota Hiace the top-of-mind choice in the country's van segment. It's an understandable mindset when you take into account that a lot of people think the same way about the brand in general.
Meet the Staria Kinder
Earlier this year, we cooed over Hyundai's rekindling of the people carrier-the space-age Staria. Well, now it's taken people moving to its apparent zenith, short of assuming the role of an actual double-decker bus. This is the
Minus the king-size bed, of course
We often feature 'Manila-proofed' vans here at Top Gear Philippines. But as far as custom vans go, Bea Alonzo's Ford Transit might be one of the most sensible ones yet.Sensible isn't exactly a fitting word for a fully
This might be the perfect ride for fur parents
Road trips with dogs are always fun, but they aren't always easy. Japanese company Flex has gone the extra mile to address just that by putting together a set of accessories and modifications that turns the Toyota Hiace into the ultimate '
That market is something else
Thailand's car scene is easily one of the most eccentric on the planet. Where else will you find the likes of the Toyota Hilux being sold as a low-riding pickup or an Isuzu D-Max driving around with five turbochargers
Along with the newly renamed Interstar and Primastar
Nissan just revamped its light commercial vehicle (LCV) lineup in Europe, and we're starting to think the carmaker should consider doing the same in our market. You may recall that we once floated the idea when the new NV300 came out.
How’s this for a workhorse?
Thought the Ford Fiesta Van and Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid Ecovan looked cool? The Hyundai Staria Load thinks otherwise. Not only is it rather stylish for a workhorse, but it's also a legit commercial van with loads of space out back.
These go a long way in making things convenient for the elderly
It's difficult to picture having to surrender the driver's seat permanently because of old age. Us? We can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to give up motoring for good. When Father Time does finally call
This is the dream
The #vanlife isn't for everybody. Driving from place to place and sleeping in relatively cramped quarters on a nightly basis? It's easy to see why most people wouldn't find this ideal.The setup is probably even less appealing to
Hear us out
No, we're here to ask you a question: What's that one car you know you shouldn't like but you absolutely love? No, you first. No, we insist.For us, it's off-roaders, even though we're about as
More info on this upcoming release
The Volkswagen Kombi is making a comeback. The German carmaker is launching the Multivan here in the Philippines with the iconic 'Kombi' moniker attached to it, and we're kind of excited at the proposition.If you're interested, Volkswagen Philippines has
It’s immune to travel restrictions
Last year, Mini concocted something called the Vision Urbanaut. Essentially a Mini van-cum-mood-room, it lived in the digital world only and slightly rattled our brains as we tried in vain to figure it out.So Mini has made one
Vans aren’t just about space, you know
When you mention vans here in the Philippines, only a couple of nameplates really come to mind. Models like the Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, and Hyundai Starex are nice and all, but the general consensus around these parts is that vans should
It’s scheduled for a a launch in the third quarter
After the successful debut of the T-Cross, Volkswagen Philippines has its sights set on the launch of another big model: The Multivan Kombi. The Kombi-also known as the Type 2-is arguably one of Volkswagen's most iconic nameplates apart
We want to try this
Vans come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. But here in the Philippines? There are only really a couple of them that stand out, including the Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, and Hyundai Starex.As with other segments outside of the midsize SUV,
Captain’s chairs ftw
Anyone else here a fan of captain's chairs? There's just simply no better way to stay energized (and sane) in traffic than having a ride where you can sit back and stretch your legs. If you've ever experienced being
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