This was designed with riders in mind
As a rider, do you use action cameras to monitor your daily rides? Motorcyclists often mount these compact and portable recording devices either on the top or on the side of their helmets, on the handle bar, or at the tail end
Their sexy color schemes will be appreciated by ‘nocturnal’ riders
On February 21, 2019, Moto Italia Philippines unveiled its two new Vespa scooter models with sexy color schemes that are perfect for evening motorcycle events. Held at XYLO at The Palace in Bonifacio Global City, the launch of the 2019 Vespa Sprint
We like her taste
Metro Manila can be an intimidating place to traverse on two wheels. Remember: The dangers of everyday motoring are multiplied when you're rolling around minus the safety of a well-constructed metal shell and airbags.This is why we hope Yassi
The motorbike is an urban dweller’s friend
Commuters today endure hours on the road, daily. I consider myself lucky since I live just 2km from where I work. If I had to go anywhere across town, it would mean sitting in my car for at least an hour over
Whoever said change is coming?
If there's one person who's all smiles despite the heavy traffic and the never-ending oil price hikes, it's Moto Italia president Willy Tee Ten.Tee Ten now feels like he's on cloud nine
This awesome sidecar for a Vespa scooter is proudly Pinoy-made
Rep. Biazon takes his scooter to SLEX for 'experimental ride'
The existing tollway regulation banning motorcycles with engine displacements below 400cc has long been a subject of debate among road users. What was the basis of tollway authorities for setting the limit of motorcycles engine displacements allowed to enter the expressways at
Millennials, does this brand ring a bell?
It took nine months of 'courting' by Lambretta before Ropali finally gave its 'sweet yes.' Michael Fulton, Lambretta international sales manager, came to the Philippines for the signing of a partnership agreement between the iconic Italian scooter brand and Ropali.This will
Why does it cost so much?
Does anyone remember the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani edition? Marked by an elegant design with input from Giorgio Armani himself, the Italian scooter caused jaws to drop and eyebrows to shoot up when it was unveiled to the global market in 2015-
Are your pockets deep enough for their price tags?
Clad in neatly pressed business attire and shiny leather shoes, many company executives now ride Vespa scooters on their way to the office. In the past we only see these scenes in European films. Now, they've become a fact of life
No stress allowed
Waking up at 4am on a Saturday sucks. There must be a good reason for me to rise that early, or else only a giant crane can get me out of bed. There are only three things that I look forward to
‘These are vintage scooters money can’t buy’
Lambretta was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947, and grew from there. Two decades later, when the Philippine economy was at an upswing, there was even a Lambretta distributorship in Nagtahan, Manila. Sadly, no scooter mechanic from here was sent to Italy
Here's your sweet little ride to the office
If you heard rumors about motorists experiencing neck pains as they pass by 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City, we may know the culprit. We suspect everyone is staring at the Vespa showroom while caught in a standstill.With brand-new colorful
Featured at the recent Milan Motorcycle Show
Yes, we know, part of the Vespa's charm is its classic design and old-school vibe, but how would a futuristic-looking model from the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer turn out? Would fans embrace it or shun the idea altogether?Now
Old school in look, feel and ride
I understand that "retro" bikes are the in thing nowadays. You can see this trend manifest itself with the Ducati Scrambler, BMW's Scrambler and Yamaha's XSR among others.As "retro" as the Vespa PX looks though, it cannot join those
The most beautiful 150cc bike in the market
In addressing the increasing demand for stylish yet dependable scooters that can survive Metro Manila's horrible traffic, Vespa Philippines recently launched the new GTS Super 150. This charming motorbike will surely draw the attention of enthusiasts from this niche motorcycle segment.
A throwback to our motoring past
Many car owners--or "cagers," as motorcyclists call them--may not be fond of two-wheeled transport, but some of them genuinely appreciate a retro-looking Vespa scooter (particularly the PX150). That includes us, for sure.In fact, there have been times
Free entrance for members; P200 entry fee for non-members
Are you a Vespa owner? Or just a Vespa fan perhaps? Tonight (September 7), at 7pm, the Vespa Club of the Philippines is holding its Grand Eyeball at Polari Comedy Club on Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Members of the club get
Honda CBR150R, Kawasaki KLX150 or Vespa LX150?
Motorcycle enthusiasts who use Shell Advance now have the chance to bring home a new bike through the lubricant brand\'s promo. Dubbed \"Win the Ride of Your Choice,\" the Shell Advance promo runs until October 1, 2013.Every single purchase of
Mini, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Vespa units at affordable prices
If you're in the market for any of these car or motorcycle brands--Mini, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Vespa, Piaggio and Gilera--you're in luck as the Autohub Group, the country's largest multibrand automotive company, is set to hold a
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