Is it as capable as Ford makes it out to be?
The all-new Ford Ranger finally landed in our market last month. During the launch, Ford Philippines had a short test course ready wherein members of the press could try out the new pickup.Our assistant managing editor Jason Tulio gave the
Something to get excited about
There was a time when Morris Garages, better known by its initials MG, was synonymous with roadsters. Open-air sports cars like the MGA, MGB, and MGF once comprised the most recognizable bunch of the brand's product line, and for good
To be honest, we can't imagine that detailing cars-as in the real dirty work-level stuff-is all that glamorous. But damn, we can't help but dream of doing it for a living after watching this video.As far
Which model are you siding with?
For the most part, the majority of the midsize SUVs you see out on the road will never stray off the beaten path. Those SUVs are relegated to picking the kids up from school and the occasional out-of-town adventure. Such
There was a rigorous process before the new adventure bike saw the light of day
We can probably agree that Ducati's new adventure bike, the DesertX, is a bit of a head-turner. With its unique retro-modern styling, it clearly stands out.It's no slouch either. Powering it is a 937cc liquid-cooled Testastretta
Well, that was unexpected
In the blue corner, we have an empty aluminum Sunkist can. In the red corner? A shiny new Nissan Z with some neat aero up front. What exactly is happening here? We don't know-but it's got our attention.Oh
Or are you better off going with the nat-asp 1.2-liter engine instead?
A mix of style, decent size, and good fuel economy makes for a pretty great city car. That's exactly what the Toyota Raize has, which is why it's been turning heads since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched it here.But
Good job
Trying to keep a test mule, especially one as eye-catching as a Lamborghini, inconspicuous on public roads is no easy task.Obviously, the main challenge is driving a low-riding exotic covered in camouflage on the down-low. Lamborghini didn't
It doesn’t look easy
The next time you're bummed and sweaty inside a jeepney on the way to work or school, remember: The person behind the wheel is stuck there for the entire day trying to earn a living.Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes recently got
But is it coded, though? (We’re joking)
Damn. We know getting a license plate number that's to your liking is a big deal-but is it really worth spending a premium on?Let us clarify, first. When we say premium in this case, we aren't referring to
Remember when we wrote about a P1.1 billion mansion with a 15-car garage you can use to show off your prized rides? It was definitely neat, but not exactly something you'd need in your home if you're trying
Now this is what we call a road trip
On paper, blowing the last of your savings to go on an epic road trip doesn't sound like the best of ideas. This, though, didn't stop four dudes from doing exactly that-embarking on a 6,000km voyage from Kenya
How much for just the garage?
How much would you be willing to spend to ensure your ride is safe from the elements? A proper car cover from Lazada, perhaps? Maybe it's time you invested in securing a parking slot inside your condo's garage?But what
A car collection doesn't just sprout out of nowhere. Building one takes time and effort-more so if you're targeting old-school rides which you'll need to put a ton of work into restoring.Rainier Salonga and his son
Because why not
Toyota has added a number of memorable engines to its resume over the past couple of decades. The likes of the A80 Supra's legendary 2JZ engine, for one, has been a staple among tuners for turning otherwise run-of-the-mill
Check out this quick tour around the new structure
After a series of delays and a ton of rescheduling, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) finally opened the Binondo-Intramuros Bridge to the public on April 5. 2022.Like many of you, we were curious to see more of
Don’t lose your lunch
One gadget I've long considered buying for myself is a virtual reality headset. But while the thought of taking my gaming experience to the next level is one that intrigues me, I hold off because of a fear that I'll
Mesmerizing stuff
Considering durable manhole or drainage covers are all that's keeping your car's wheels from being consumed by the abyss in the event of a flood, you'd hope a lot of work goes into making them as reliable as possible.
Well, sort of
Man, we really hope this is the last one. Toyota has dropped another teaser for the upcoming GR Corolla hatch's really more of the same, if we're being honest. But hey, at least now we get to see
In case you were planning to check this MPV out
It's not easy assessing a car with a basic inspection at the dealership. At the bare minimum, you need to take a vehicle out for a spin to get even a simple feel for what it has to offer. Thing is,
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