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Featured in the video are some of the rarest and most expensive cars ever
It’s quite the car
Meet the new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, a 'fuoriserie' (limited edition) super sports car whose debt to its Sixties forebear is so strong they haven't even bothered to change the name.It can be had with either a 3.0-liter
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
You've already seen part one of our latest Big Test featuring four of the market's top seven-seaters: the Honda BR-V, the Hyundai Stargazer, the Toyota Veloz, and the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. We know you've been dying to
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
Crossovers may be growing even more and more popular these days, but the good, old seven-seater MPVs still continue to dominate the market. No surprise there, because it is hard to outsell a people-hauler if you're a smaller SUV
We know a lot of you are thinking of customizing this
The Toyota Lite Ace, the go-to barkada van of the '90s, makes a comeback to the local market with a slight tweak to its name (it's now spelled Lite Ace instead of Lite Ace) and without any rear seats in
We were finally able to take this e-bike out for a proper review
Top Gear Philippines recently got hold of yet another e-bike: the Muji Honda MS01.This sleek two-wheeler boasts a minimalist design and is quite the looker. It packs a 400W motor at the rear, with a 48V20Ah lithium-ion battery
Let’s see if this ‘sport sedan’ lives up to its name
The MG GT is quite an interesting offering. It's a compact sedan that's stylish, enjoyable to drive, and relatively affordable.The sporty sedan comes in two variants: the naturally aspirated GT Alpha and the turbocharged GT Sport. Today, our very
Will the Toyota or the Ford come out on top?
We here at Top Gear Philippines have already done proper shakedowns of the market's most popular midsize SUVs. We've also done comparos between multiple models. What we haven't done yet, however, is compare the segment's best-seller-the
A good spot to get your caffeine fix
A while back, we featured a humble coffee shop called Drip Kofi in Los Baños. According to our editorial assistant Leandre Grecia, it's one of the best spots to get coffee south of the metro. As much as we'd
A nearly 20-year-old legend resurfaces
In 2004, Land Rover did something it'd never done in its 56-year history: a concept car. It was called the Range Rover Stormer-a Lambo-doored Range Rover coupe with the supercharged 4.2-litre V8 usually found in Jaguar'
We get behind its wheel to find out
A good road trip car doesn't necessarily need to come equipped with a wide variety of convenience features or enough seats to fit a whole barkada.Frankly, most vehicles are perfectly viable provided you're only carrying one or two passengers.
Find out in this episode of ‘The Big Test’
Affordable crossovers from the People's Republic are a dime a dozen in our market these days. These bang-for-your-buck models have just kept coming in left and right over the past few years.Despite that saturation, however, there are
The ultimate test
There are some myths, tales, and urban legends that have been around for long before any of us that will likely also live on after we're gone. In the automotive world, one of the boogeymen that haunts every new car on
Grab a tissue
On January 2, Ken Block passed away following a snowmobile accident in Utah. He was 55.Following Block's death, the motoring community banded together to pay tribute to a gearhead that helped bring tire-shredding to the mainstream. The man brought
An established nameplate with a new hybrid engine and a competitive price tag
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) is ready to shake up both its lineup and the market with the launch of its newest contender, the Ertiga Hybrid. Not only is it the first electrified model in SPH's lineup, but it's also the first
Music to our ears
Wagons truly deserve more love here in the Philippine market. Frankly, what's not to like about them? They're stylish, practical, and come in a wide variety of aesthetics. All that, plus there are some pretty gnarly performance versions out there,
Right before it’s officially stored as memorabilia
Race bikes-we reckon much like racecars-don't exactly get a lot of TLC in terms of cosmetics. Sure, the engineers at the pits do everything they can to keep the bike in the best running condition possible, but they couldn'
An absolutely insane build
Believe it or not, this car started life as a bog-standard 1995 BMW 325. Owner Carl Balzer saved this once-dignified German sedan from the scrapyard, stripped it down to its most basic elements and then went to town creating a
With proper care and maintenance, well, it can look like this
Toyotas are known for a lot of things, reliability being one of the most distinct of them. It's one of the reasons the brand's cars last for decades. The next time you see a Tamaraw FX on the road, remember
Which of these are you keeping a close eye on?
Last year, the Philippine automotive industry got pretty busy. As activities and events around the country continue to ramp up, we're sure 2023 is going to be an even bigger one.You see, we saw quite a handful of new models
Rest in peace, sir
By now you've probably heard that Ken Block was killed in a snowmobile accident. Details remain scarce, but the incident took place earlier today in Utah. He was 55.The man was a motoring icon. We say this not just because
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