Too. Much. Hype.
The Nissan Z has a lot of weight on its shoulders this year. Not only is it expected to spearhead the Japanese brand's efforts on the performance front this 2022, it's also supposed to continue one of the most storied
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Ah, another head-to-head drag race. In one corner, we have the Ford F-150 Raptor. Packing a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost with 450hp and a whopping 691Nm of torque, and running on a tuned Fox suspension setup, this
The safety feature can mean the difference between life and death
The verdict has been in for quite a while now: Anti-lock brakes (ABS) can spell the difference between life and death during hard braking situations-even more so when you're on two wheels instead of four, where you're more
Would you like to see a remake featuring the GR86?
The old-school AE86 is car that will always hold a special place in the hearts of Toyota fans. This isn't just because the vehicle represents a simpler time of JDM purity, but also because of Initial D.The anime series
Thank god it doesn’t snow here
Well, this should be a chilling sight for car lovers who reside in warmer climates. Footage posted by the South China Morning Post on its official YouTube channel shows a fresh batch of vehicles arriving frozen at a port in Russia a
The one RV to rule them all?
Overlanding is nice, but if you want to keep your experience on the road completely plush, owning a recreational vehicle (RV) might still be the way to go-at least if you have a ton of dough to throw.Exhibit A: This
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Yes, that headline sounds like the start of a very lame motorsport joke. Also, the activity in question is like comparing apples to oranges. So, why do it? Because you take any opportunity you can to make things go fast on a
Who needs presents anyway?
Time and time again, people have wondered: If Santa had to deliver gifts by car, what vehicle would he choose?An SUV or pickup makes sense on account of the cargo space they provide, but going this route is hardly an inspired
Here’s a day in the life of Chia Laron
We all know being a delivery rider is no walk in the park. But being a female in a predominantly male industry? That makes the job a bit more difficult. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a
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Modern Jeep offerings are some of the most capable mass-market vehicles available. Now, as for whether you're using one as a mall crawler or an off-road beast isn't any of our business. But if you're treating your
A custom vehicle that can put a smile on anyone’s face
The iconic jeepney has taken many forms throughout the years. Arguably one of the most interesting versions, however, is Jeepito.Our assistant managing editor Jason Tulio says it sounds like the man who created Pinocchio (ha...), but it's actually the 'World'
This just might be one of the dirtiest interiors we’ve seen in a while
Regardless of whether you're a car guy or not, you have to admit that it's really relaxing to watch car-cleaning and -detailing videos. There's just something about seeing all the dirt and grime that have built up over
Cool boss alert
Some auto execs like photo ops with their cars. Toyota's president, though? He prefers to drift them, apparently.Footage of Akio Toyoda-who has a reputation for being pretty hands-on when it comes to the cars his company produces-burning
Shiny and chrome
Some people develop a love of riding at a young age-perhaps a passion passed down from one generation to the next, or as a hobby cultivated earlier in life. There are also those who hop onto a motorcycle one day and
Here are our first impressions on the 11th-generation compact sedan
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is ending 2021 on a high note with the launch of the all-new Civic. Apart from the new looks, the next-generation compact sedan enters the market bearing a redesigned turbocharged engine and a bunch of new
It sure has the makings of one
After a long wait, Mazda Philippines has now launched the all-new BT-50 in our market. It lands in a segment chock-full of updated nameplates like the Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max, and Nissan Navara. Is it finally ready to
Looking forward to it?
Admit it: You're routinely guilty of switching tabs to watch motoring videos in between (or in the middle of) boring Zoom team meetings or dull days working from home.It's okay, we won't snitch-as long as you make
Purists, rejoice
Very little about the next-generation Honda Integra was made known when the brand released a teaser of the vehicle late last month. All we have is that it'll be available as a five-door sedan like the original and will
Normally, when we come across a YouTube video like this, we tell you guys to turn up the volume before pressing play. After careful consideration, we still recommend you do just that-unless you're at work or in the middle of
Should other Japanese brands be scared?
If you've been paying attention to the local auto industry for the past couple of months, it should be apparent to you that the country's midsize-SUV battle is once again heating up.For this round, Isuzu Philippines has brought
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