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The Italian coachbuilder has had a hand in designing both the VF 8 and VF 9
Think this brand has a shot?
Vietnamese car manufacturer Vinfast is expanding its reach to North America and Europe.According to a recent report by Reuters, the company has already opened offices in the two markets and its US CEO has already relocated from Vietnam to the US.
This company has come a long way
It looks like Tesla might have another potential rival on its hands. This time, it comes not in the form of some major manufacturer in Europe or a Chinese electric-vehicle startup, but from a Vietnamese car brand.Remember Vinfast? Well, it
The country’s auto industry has come a long way
Anything past a cool P4 million is a lot for an SUV around these parts-that's about the range for the likes of the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol. If you're willing to climb past P5 million, you
A third vehicle earns a four-star rating as well
At last year's Paris Motor Show, VinFast officially entered the market. The company was launched as a subsidiary under Vietnamese giant Vingroup, and was the country's first automotive manufacturer. Needless to say, a lot of people were doubtful.Understandable-as
This is not a half-hearted effort
David Beckham is an icon in Vietnam. We know this because VinFast, Vietnam's newest and actually only carmaker, brought Beckham on stage at the launch of its first two cars at the Paris Motor Show.Along with Miss Vietnam. And
Ahead of the vehicles' global launch at the Paris Motor Show
Auto-industry upstart VinFast means business, having chosen no less than the Paris Motor Show to unveil its two debut models. The company is a subsidiary of Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private corporation, and claims to be the country's "
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