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These are also being used by FamilyDOC clinics to transport medical supplies
That’s one creative way to get your message across
These are indeed trying times we live in at the moment. Businesses in all industries across the globe are suspending operations and even shutting down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.In spite of all these, the Volkswagen Group remains optimistic.
It’s more than just a powertrain swap, too—the underpinnings also get upgraded
Listen up, people, because Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles department has just unveiled its most exciting model in years. Not to hate on the Caddy and the Transporter too much, but oh, how design has regressed since the wonderful Type 2 you see
It’s time to send some good vibes your way
Here's a question for you gearheads: How far have you gone to get that dream car you've always wanted? This guy right here went the distance-he spent decades waiting to finally buy back his dad's old Volkswagen Type
We don’t know any of their songs, but cool
James Corden is back at it again with yet another round of Carpool Karaoke, this time, with Korean pop group sensation BTS.In the '80s, before safety features and regulations pushed manufacturers to make way for airbags, crumple zones, and all that,
The weird concept name is gone
Hah! Volkswagen just can't quite bring itself to be actually zany and cooky in real life, can it? There it goes, calling its electric SUV concept car the 'ID Crozz,' because, like, it's a crossover that's all 21st Century
“The new structure will strengthen Audi’s role within the Volkswagen Group”
Audi will soon be completely owned by the Volkswagen Group after the latter announced its plans to acquire the remaining 0.36% of the carmaker's shares. Prior to this announcement, Volkswagen owned 99.64% of Audi's shares.The company also
The brand’s newest ambassador, Gary Valenciano, helped kick off the festivities
Volkswagen Philippines recently launched its 'We Move You' campaign through a showcase at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City. Of course, the German carmaker's newest brand ambassador, Gary Valenciano, helped kick off the weekend festivities.Event-goers were treated to
Boasts Level 2 autonomy, cleaner diesels, and 100% less leaf springs
The Volkswagen Caddy, that odd cross between a utility van and a Golf, is one of those quirky products with a timeless appeal. And by timeless, we mean that customers like it so much that VW only overhauls it once every other
The tech-packed Mk8 model has been revealed alongside the GTD and GTE variants
Typical-you wait years for a new, fast Golf, then three come along all at once. Spoiler alert: none is revolutionary or the teensiest bit surprising, but we're glad they're back all the same. And you should be, too.Volkswagen
The entire project cost $140,000 and took 12,000 hours to complete
Restoring a car truly is a labor of love. It's not just cost but also the sheer amount of hours it takes just looking for parts. It requires lots of time, a good amount of dough, and, of course, a bucketload
Total power sits at 456hp
Volkswagen describes this big blue flagship SUV as a "paradigm shift." Sadly, that doesn't equate to "we've given it a massive V12 and afterburners." Quite the opposite, as it turns out. It is the very first VW R model that'
The new hot hatch will debut in March
Welcome to the new Golf GTI. Fine-welcome to a drawing of the new Golf GTI. And it'll have to do, because this is all we're getting until it's revealed proper at next month's Geneva International Motor Show,
Don’t worry, it made it out safe
If, like many, you were glued to social media on the day Taal Volcano rained ash across Luzon, chances are you came across this photo of a couple tying the knot in Tagaytay.The image, which captures a wedding ceremony pushing through
It can actually come in handy
When Volkswagen launched the eighth-generation Golf last year, it was clear that this iteration of the famous hatch is truly an all-new vehicle. Not because of its looks, no, but because of all the features the cabin had in store.
Love bugs?
Volkswagen may have crossed out the Beetle on its to-do list and turned to electric motors for its future, but diehard fans are still celebrating the good-old days of the brand's air-cooled supremacy.All over the world, the
We’ve had our eye on this for a long time
Welcome to the Arteon R-Line Edition-a four-door Volkswagen fastback that costs the equivalent of almost £50,000 (around P3.31 million) in its native Germany. The 250-off special edition might cost as much as a very well-specified
This includes 12 SUVs
This year is shaping up to be a pretty big one for German car manufacturer Volkswagen.Not only will 2020 be the first full year Volkswagen carries its new brand identity, but the company has also announced that it will be releasing
We’re not crying…you’re crying
Grab a tissue, guys, because you're going to need it.Earlier in 2019, the last-ever Volkswagen Beetle rolled out of a production plant in Mexico, putting an end to the model's legendary 70-year, 21.5 million-unit run.
Speed has many forms
In July 2010, James May did his best to max the ultimate Veyron at the Ehra-Lessien test track. You'll have seen him manage a massive 417kph on TopGear telly-just before Bugatti's test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel lifted the
These sketches look pretty promising
Volkswagen has revealed sketches of the all-new Caddy, and by the looks of it, this thing really is an 'all-new' model.Yes, it's shaped like the proper utilitarian MPV that it is-it even has some very familiar roof
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