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After revealing the T-Roc R at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show
“It’s for those customers who want something very special, and they’ll get it”
Who says the Germans don't do humor? Or irony? Here's VW showing up to Geneva with a cutesy electric buggy and talk of the Golf GTD disappearing from the new hatchback's ranks, and it thinks Top Gear has forgotten
Isn’t it a cute little thing?
These days, if we told you that a new outdoor lifestyle-based car was being previewed, we're pretty sure you'd shrug your shoulders and imagine a jacked-up wagon with some plastic bumpers and fake skid plates glued on.Luckily,
A new president was also introduced
Volkswagen Philippines recently hosted a Media Appreciation Night at the Grand Bar and Lounge of Resorts World Manila. Chief Operating Advisor for VW Philippines, Klaus Schadewald, thanked the local motoring media for their continued support for the company and its products.Schadewald
A strategic move for the Germans
The times are a-changin'.Remember the Volkswagen Jetta? It's been a while since Volkswagen Philippines discontinued its local availability when the company revamped its lineup in 2018, but you still see a fair number of these cars plying Manila's
From the company that ended diesel’s dominance: a 900Nm, Porsche-chasing 4x4
Do Germans do irony? We're asking for a friend.Because Volkswagen, of all companies, is the one to assault the 2019 Geneva Motor Show with a new diesel-powered super-SUV. This is the Touareg V8 TDI. Yep, the clue is
Fancy a near-300bhp subcompact crossover? Here you go
The VW Group doesn't tend to keep a profit-swelling idea exclusive. Take the brainwave of smallish, quick SUVs, kickstarted with the likes of the Audi RS Q3. Within a matter of months, we've had the not-a-Seat Cupra
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