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It’ll cost just over P1 million in Europe
Volkswagen is getting ready to launch electric superminis in 2025, and it reckons its prices will be around the same as for the piston ones we have now. At the Munich motor show, it brought out a concept to get us used
Based on the German brand’s MEB platform
We've selected the '70s Volkswagen Brasilia as our next old-school car to revive. It's the more modern-looking Brazilian cousin of the classic Beetle. While not as popular as the Bug, the boxy hatch has its charms.At present,
Choosing fleet vehicles is no easy task
Purchasing fleet vehicles is no easy task for any company. Business owners must have an immense amount of trust in a particular car from a specific brand before they pull the trigger. After all, these vehicles will be servicing employees and will
Those ‘waffle and hex’ rims are just *chef’s kiss*
It's fair to say some elements of the latest Volkswagen Golf GTI haven't quite hit the spot. The Mk8 may be sharper to drive than ever, but it's also dropped a very sizeable ball when it comes to some
Which value-for-money crossover are you taking?
The subcompact crossover segment just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The latest addition to this continuously growing list is the Chevrolet Tracker. Seeing as it's yet another feature-packed, bang-for-your-buck small SUV, we've decided to pit it
And it’s a limited 25th Anniversary edition
We've seen plenty of low-mileage cars come up for auction in recent years, but this 2002 Volkswagen Golf GTI takes the biscuit.Now, the Mk4 model may not have been the most popular GTI in history, but this is at
This is yet another addition to VW’s constantly growing portfolio of crossovers
Welcome, world, to the new Volkswagen Taigo. Although if you happen to live in South America, you're probably a little bit confused right now.Yes, this does look like your market's VW Nivus, but that's because essentially it is
How does this German offering stack up against the rest of the segment?
When Volkswagen Philippines launched the Santana in 2018, it was doing more than just introducing a potential Vios or City competitor. Priced at well below P1 million, the subcompact sedan was spearheading the brand's local transition into a more budget-friendly
The two-tone finish will cost an extra P45,000
Volkswagen Philippines gave us a mere sneak peek at the Multivan Kombi the last time around. Today, the carmaker has released more specs as well as the introductory prices of its new people-hauler.First, let's talk pricing. Contrary to the
DPs will be settled as hold-out deposits and can be withdrawn after 24 months
If you're in the market for a brand-new sedan, you might want to check out Volkswagen Philippines' latest promo.For the month of July, the carmaker is offering its vehicles with no cash-out through its 'Zero in on a
An SUV isn’t always the answer
Today is officially a good day, for we are able to bring you news of a new fast wagon: the Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R Estate.Of course, it uses the same drivetrain as the Golf R five-door hatch-a 2.0-
Which would you choose for P1.2 million?
Just when you thought the subcompact-crossover segment couldn't get any bigger, a new entry lands on our shores. Volkswagen Philippines has finally joined in the cute-ute party with its T-Cross. How will it fare against the segment's
More info on this upcoming release
The Volkswagen Kombi is making a comeback. The German carmaker is launching the Multivan here in the Philippines with the iconic 'Kombi' moniker attached to it, and we're kind of excited at the proposition.If you're interested, Volkswagen Philippines has
It’s the 204hp pocket rocket for grownups
Sensible, grownup people of the Internet-say hello to the facelifted Volkswagen Polo GTI. A five-door hot hatch for those of you who think the Ford Fiesta ST, the Hyundai i20N, and the Mini Cooper S are just a bit too
It’s scheduled for a a launch in the third quarter
After the successful debut of the T-Cross, Volkswagen Philippines has its sights set on the launch of another big model: The Multivan Kombi. The Kombi-also known as the Type 2-is arguably one of Volkswagen's most iconic nameplates apart
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