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A fresher look for VW's flagship crossover
Volkswagen has announced a 'major update' to its flagship SUV, the Touareg.The standard facelift fare is present and correct, with fresh bumpers front and rear (that change depending on trim level) and fancy new lights that VW refers to as 'IQ.
See how accurate AI is
Artificial Intelligence is here, and it's here to stay. Before we are taken over by that (irrational?) fear of being replaced by machines and living in a future with Terminators, let's use technology for something fun-like have it answer
It's a shame we never got these here
It's hard to believe the Volkswagen Polo GTI is 25 years old. Alas, to commemorate the milestone VW has created the Polo GTI Edition 25, which introduces some design tweaks but nothing in the way of mechanical upgrades. Boo.The GTI&#
by Cat Dow
A true 67-year-old treasure
The kotseng kuba has been around for as long as many of us can remember. It was one of the O.G. quirky econoboxes from decades past. Its novelty remains to this day, and it's no surprise a lot of owners
It’s nothing like the Explorer most of us know
If you're American, then you know all about Ford. Ford is a pick-up truck and SUV-making phenomenon that also sells the Mustang.If you're European, you also know all about Ford. Ford sells bazillions of sensible small hatchbacks
Will the previously teased model still be launched?
About a week ago, Volkswagen Philippines released a teaser for a new crossover. At the time, we reckoned it would be an updated version of the T-Cross. However, the company quietly released something else at least in the meantime.Landing in
Looks promising
There are several models we'd love for Volkswagen Philippines to bring here. We miss having the Tiguan around, as well as the Jetta and the Golf wagon. While it would be nice to have the new generations of those models here,
We’re pretty sure it’s a T-Cross. Although...
Volkswagen Philippines has been fairly quiet when it comes to new car launches. But that's about to change soon as it recently released a teaser for an upcoming model that we can all expect soon. For now, it's just one,
Nearly 10.5 million served in 2022
Toyota has been duking it out with Volkswagen for the past couple of years in the global auto sales race. But since 2019, it's Toyota that has been leading that race with Volkswagen behind by either a few hundred thousands or
Volkswagen Everest, anyone?
By now, you probably know that the all-new Ford Ranger shares its bones with the second-generation Volkswagen Amarok. After all, it's the result of the Ford-Volkswagen alliance for building commercial vehicles (CVs) such as vans and pickups. But
More practicality and speed still to come from Volkswagen's new electric van
We love the Volkswagen ID Buzz, but we always knew there was more to come. Now we know what. More versatility and more power.This summer, a longer version will arrive. It should be a whole lot more versatile and useful than
Easy on those 'innovations', okay?
Traditionally, this is the time of year people are down in the dumps. Christmas is a distant memory (if not the calories). New year's resolutions are wilting faster than the naked fir tree stuffed into your wheelie-bin, and for everyone
Full reveal coming soon
Volkswagen will rock up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week with a bit of a surprise: the first public appearance of the upcoming ID.7 saloon.And just look at that paintjob. VW has dressed up its
The German tuner went to town on the pickup
The all-new Volkswagen Amarok may have only been revealed a couple of months ago, but German tuner Delta4x4 already has plans to turn it into the ultimate off-road adventure truck.The striking creation you see here will be known as
This is no TDI
Reports of the sports sedan's death have, sadly, not been greatly exaggerated, which means few will take notice of this outlier. Volkswagen has revealed the Jetta GLI Performance concept, and it's rather appealing.Because it's not another crossover
Good call
Whoever they are, this 'Nobody' person has a lot to answer for.For instance, did you know that Nobody asked for capacitive buttons, that Nobody liked them and that Nobody was even remotely happy when Volkswagen festooned the steering wheels of its
Car ownership made easier
Thanks to modern technology, it has never been easier to sell your car. Gone are the days when you have to place an ad in the newspaper (remember those?) and compress your description into a few lines (makinis, gas and go, tinted,
“The T-Cross itself is more than just a car—t’s a statement”
When the great twentieth-century balladeer Steven Tyler crooned "Life's a journey, not a destination," he probably wasn't talking about Philippine traffic. But despite George Ramirez's promise to get us home by four o'clock, the driving rain and
It's nice to see engineers going crazy once in a while
The Ford Excursion is classed in its American homeland as a 'full-sized SUV' and everywhere else as 'a small planet'. Being big enough to seat most of New Hampshire, the mid-2000s spec giant was supplied with a variety of V8s
Could you see yourself in this one day?
Do you ever sit and wonder what you'll be driving in the next decade? Well, worry no more, because Volkswagen has done all of the hard thinking for you. And the answer is that you'll be getting chauffeured by advanced
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