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The faster you act, the better the result
No one wants to park their car underneath the intense heat of the summer sun, and often a tree is the most convenient place to find shade. The problem is trees produce sap, which can drop onto your car's finish and
Some tried-and-tested methods
With all our contributions to polluting this planet, nature does find vengeful ways of getting even with us-in this case, it's our vehicles who suffer the wrath of the environment. Who would've thought decades ago that something supposedly as
Are you going overboard with your waxing?
Given my years of maintaining and restoring cars, it is quite common for me to stumble upon inquiries regarding vehicle aesthetic care. Of course, I'd gladly share whatever knowledge I've gained through hands-on experience. My own car's condition
Wax on, wax off
After I first waxed my dad's huge Chevy à la The Karate Kid, I realized no car care regimen is more rewarding and beneficial to your vehicle's paint than a good "wax-on, wax-off." The question is, are you doing
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Top Gear. I'm hoping you could enlighten us. We are newbies in the world of cars, and we just bought our first car. I would like to ask if waxing and washing the car can damage the paint. Since it'
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