X-Tomi Design has done its work on the Korean carmaker’s new EV
X-Tomi Design- known for turning sedans into wagons and sports coupes into convertibles-is back with yet another rework of another popular car: the Kia EV6.And yes, though we don't have it here, the EV6 actually is quite popular
Meet the Solterra STI, a concept from X-Tomi Design
We now know that Subaru is going electric, and that its first venture into the BEV game is the Solterra. The crossover's actually closely related to the Toyota bZ4X, only it has a more normal moniker. Anyway...In addition to the
X-Tomi Design’s render makes us think so
After months of waiting, Honda has finally given us a proper look at the 11th-generation Civic. But we're not here to talk about that. What we're here to talk about is X-Tomi Design's take on the all-
Should this car exist as a convertible?
Here is an unofficial render of the new Toyota 86 minus its metal roof. The next-gen model was revealed a few days ago, a 232hp twin to the latest Subaru BRZ, and proof that Toyota's Gazoo Racing brand is happy
Which one would you get?
That didn't take long. Mere days after the new, second-gen Subaru BRZ broke cover, the creative rendering industry has been attaching virtual wings or lopping off the roof.Yep, TopGear.com favorite X-Tomi Design sees the boxer-engined coupe
The station-wagon version looks like a promising people-hauler, too
The all-new Hummer EV was launched just recently, and people are already out modding the new super-truck. Well, in renders, that is.The latest ones we've found come courtesy of none other than X-Tomi Design, the same artist
We already see the potential
This past week, Nissan unveiled the Z Proto, a rear-drive, manual sports car with around 400hp. A dream, right? Only a dream for those who won't be getting it-like Europe, for instance, as Nissan thinks there's no market
Imagining the inevitable?
Well, it was going to happen eventually. The Internet's wildly talented digital artists will render most cars with a semblance of production possibility (and plenty without, too), but the Mustang Mach-E feels like a car more susceptible to their attention
For non-wagon fans
There's a brand-new Audi RS6. You might have noticed. Like the RS6 that went before it, it uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a whisker short of 600hp. And like the RS6 that went before it,
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