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This hot-selling hyper naked is now priced at P569,000
By using an ingenious platform-sharing strategy to expand its MT lineup, Yamaha has left its competitors dazed and confused.The so-called 'hyper nakeds' of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has dominated the naked category, beginning with the MT-07 and the
It's more than just an adventure bike
Platform sharing is one of the best engineering strategies that vehicle manufacturers employ these days. Using only a single chassis and one engine design principle, a carmaker builds three or more models, with each one sporting a different styling, character and purpose.
Platform-sharing is fast becoming a trend
I went to what initially seemed like an ordinary bike night at the Motora Azul 1955 Café Lounge, beside the ever-so-popular Yamaha Y-Zone at Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City last Wednesday. A regular sight on bike nights is a
A 900km journey of brotherhood
What's so special about motorbike clubs? This question often boggles the minds of ordinary mortals when they see a big group of motorcyclists riding single file on public roads. It's like a herd of sheep moving in one big mass
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