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Featured in the video are some of the rarest and most expensive cars ever
With three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg behind the wheel
Are you an American that likes sports cars? Because if you are, oh boy, do we have some good news for you.Nissan has released a YouTube video that gives us our very first look at a hotter version of the Z
In case you were wondering
When you stop and think about it, engine materials are incredibly robust. They're designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, all while dealing with mini explosions in the cylinders, a whole range of compressions, and also heat cycles.There's a reason
We know a lot of you are thinking of customizing this
The Toyota Lite Ace, the go-to barkada van of the '90s, makes a comeback to the local market with a slight tweak to its name (it's now spelled Lite Ace instead of Lite Ace) and without any rear seats in
And do the savings justify this electric two-wheeler’s steep asking price?
Here's the latest electric two-wheeler we got our hands on recently: Meet the Ecooter E5, a full-fledged electric scooter that combines the efficiency of an e-bike with the long-distance capability of a gasoline-powered motorcycle. It's
Watch as we put these top-spec trucks through their paces
Are you in the market for a new midsize pickup? Our latest edition of The Big Test might help you out. For the month of May, we pitted two trucks against each other: the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 and the Toyota Hilux
You know how sometimes you can enjoy two things equally, but know they should never be combined? One can, for example, appreciate Japanese and Italian cuisine with equal gusto, but in no sane universe should you start adding soy sauce to your
Grab a tissue
On January 2, Ken Block passed away following a snowmobile accident in Utah. He was 55.Following Block's death, the motoring community banded together to pay tribute to a gearhead that helped bring tire-shredding to the mainstream. The man brought
Rest in peace, sir
By now you've probably heard that Ken Block was killed in a snowmobile accident. Details remain scarce, but the incident took place earlier today in Utah. He was 55.The man was a motoring icon. We say this not just because
The Crown nameplate has always been associated with the more luxurious side of Toyota's product line. Yes, the current generation's crossover body indicates the model is trying to widen its appeal. But with a starting price over $40,000 (P2.
We think we’ll hail a ride
How much are parking slots in Metro Manila going for these days? P5,000 per month, more or less? Depending on your income, that's a considerable premium that goes toward car ownership. And this sum is on top of all the
Or any other fake parts for that matter
Rule number one when you're buying car parts online: If the price of an item looks way too good to be true, it probably is. Live by this, lest you end up putting subpar parts into your vehicle and cause serious
We’ll never get tired of watching these
Ken Block has unleashed the latest salvo in his long-running war of attrition upon the world's tire companies, perhaps more commonly known as 'Gymkhana.' Though in this case, it's called 'Electrikhana' because it features a bespoke Audi fueled by
Well, it works
Electric vehicles will never truly take off in a market without the infrastructure to support them. By that, we mean chargers-and lots of them.Still, there are ways to make using one viable regardless of whether chargers to the public or
We're down with fries and siomai, too
Frankly, 'unwinding' doesn't necessarily have to mean going on an expensive vacation or time-consuming out-of-town excursion. With the way the world is these days, we need to make the most of the simple moments in between. You know,
‘Matic o sagad, sir?’
If you've never gassed up outside the Philippines, you might think that gas station attendants filling your tank up for you is the norm. Well, it's not.In other countries, motorists handle fuel pumps by themselves. They're fully in
Music to our ears
Toyota has been on a roll when it comes to hot hatches lately. Obviously, there's the GR Yaris. And then the GR Corolla, an option for those who want a little more space and practicality to go with the package.The
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Normally, when someone brings up campers, you think of go-anywhere SUVs and pickups or perhaps tricked-out vans. But does a rulebook dictating a camper's size requirements exist? The answer is no.Frankly, any vehicle capable of accommodating some sort
Would you equip your ride with the material?
There's a reason moneyed motorists are willing to shell out a premium to replace standard car parts with components made of carbon fiber-and it isn't just because that stealthy weave pattern looks cool.The material is both light and
Gas station trauma will be a thing of the past
Over the years, bidets have become relatively commonplace inside coffee shop and restaurant bathrooms. Gas stations, though? In most cases, a trusty tabo is the best you're going to get.It's a damn shame if we're being honest, and
Not bad at all, we think
We think we speak for the majority of car guys when we say the next-generation Toyota Vios is a step up from the current one when it comes to aesthetics. Agree?It's not that the current Vios looks bad-it'
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