10 pickup lines car-show girls hear

These are funny, trust us
by Dinzo Tabamo | Apr 12, 2011

When I see the throng of "photographers" clustered around booth babes during motor shows, I seriously wonder if they remember to take photos of the automobiles--cars being somewhat the point of motor shows. Then I see some guys chatting up the girls, and I wonder what kind of conversation transpires between them. It also got me thinking that when it comes to pickup lines, these girls have probably heard it all.

So during this year's Manila International Auto Show, I made it a point to ask several girls what pickup lines they had heard before--either the most common or the most memorable. The answers ranged from the predictable to the surprisingly creative. Here are the 10 best lines. If you see your line on the list, don't hesitate to let us know so you can get the proper credit.


1. "Excuse me, miss. Naghahanap kami ng model sa event.
(We're looking for a model for an event.)"
- Kaiyir, Liqui Moly booth

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2. "Pwedeng makuha number mo?" ("Can I get your number?")
- Jem, Tireseal booth

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3. "Kailangan mo ng payong? Kasi inuulan ka ng kagandahan."
("Do you need an umbrella? Beauty is raining down on you.")
- Barbie, Solargard booth


4. "The only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name."
- Kate, Ford booth

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5. "You're so hot I can't take my eyes off you anymore.
I can't look at the car."
- Tanja, Top Gear Philippines booth


6. "Ikaw ang pinakamagandang model dito."
("You're the most beautiful model here.")
- Cindy, Porsche booth

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7. "You look like my ex."
Carla, Castrol booth


8. "May boyfriend ka na baPwedeng manggulo?"
("Do you have a boyfriend already? Can I cause trouble?")
- Abby, Foton booth

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9. "Kliyente ako (I'm a client). I have an upcoming event.
You might want to work for me."
-Gwen, Mini booth


10. "Alam mo, perfect ka na sana (you know, you're almost perfect). You're pretty, you're smart, and you have personality. Kaya lang may kulang sa iyo: 'yung last name ko (you're just missing one thing: my surname)."
Jewelle, Top Gear Philippines booth

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11. "Hello. I'm Vernon B. Sarne." - everyone

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