A taste of Monaco, Part II

The drive along the Italian border was as scenic as a Euro art film
by Dinzo Tabamo | Sep 19, 2012

A few blog entries back, I wrote about a Johnnie Walker event that gave me a taste of the Monaco lifestyle via a cool party held in Opus. Although that event reminded me that I’m too old for the club scene (how do people interact through all that noise?), the drinks and the people were fun to hang out with. The title of that blog post had a ‘Part I’, meaning there was a sequel. And after much delay, here it is: A couple of months ago I went on a personal trip to Europe to visit family. One weekend we all packed into a van and drove to the French Riviera. The drive along the Italian border was as scenic as a Euro art film. The roads were smooth, the scenery was lush, and because this was Europe, there were plenty of fascinating metal on the road. There was a modern Fiat 500 hauling a trailer (I didn’t even know it can do that) carrying an old Fiat 500.



Look at that gorgeous road.

\"\" Now we’re getting somewhere.

\"\" A hint of the famous Monaco coastline.

\"\" The streets here are very narrow.

\"\" To the right is where James Bond goes to unwind.

\"\" Parts of the street were cordoned off for a special event.


Namely, this: \"\"


Yes, it was race weekend, but it wasn’t THE race weekend yet. This was the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, a race using classic cars held two weeks before the Formula 1 race.

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This unassuming gate blocks off the street race from the general public. While it may seem unassuming, it’s where Tony Stark’s driver and bodyguard Happy Hogan crashes into to bring the Mark V Iron Man briefcase armor to Stark in Iron Man 2. Go ahead, review the film, this gate is there.


Of course, this being Monaco, the metal plying its streets aren’t what you would normally see on our roads. They have Volvo and Mercedes-Benz taxis.

\"\" That’s an Aston Martin DB7 if I’m not mistaken.

\"\"A Bentley Continental convertible. There are a lot of Bentleys in Monaco.

\"\" Chryslers 300s are rebadged as Lancia Themas here because Fiat (which owns Lancia) has a majority stake in Chrysler.

\"\" That’s a very rare Lamborghini Espada.

\"\" I don’t even know what this car is anymore.


Or this.


It was a quick visit, a taste, of one of the most famous countries in the world. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. But next time, maybe a proper road trip would be in order. The roads in Europe are amazing, it’s a shame not to try them out.

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