Carlo J. Caparas goes to Hollywood

by Dinzo Tabamo | Aug 10, 2009
Press release "Philippine National Artist Will Make US Debut" Somewhere in the world, August 7, 2009--Newly-awarded Philippine National Artist Carlo J. Caparas finally brings his trademark brand of cinema to the United States after making his mark in his home country. In the Philippines he became known for his very relaxed directing style and creativity with maximizing third world budgets. He usually shoots with only one take, because reviewing the shots taken would necessitate him removing his trademark sunglasses, and he hasn't removed his glasses since he was 12 years old. For his Hollywood directorial debut he was undecided about whether to make a sci-fi/action flick, a zombie movie, or a car-themed film ala Fast and the Furious-so he decided to combine all three into one film, again displaying his knack for making the most out of a movie's limited budget. The result is this world exclusive premier teaser trailer:

Accelerator! trailer from YouTube by maznitram To make himself more accessible to US audiences Caparas changed his name to Joe Richelieu, the name seen in the opening credits. The 'Joe' is a homage to the 'J' in his original name. Mr. Caparas chose 'Joe' because he smartly observed that all the Americans he met in the Philippines were named Joe. Even though it's just a trailer, it already bears the hallmark traits of a Caparas film. His leading man even wears sunglasses in the dark as a nod to the director. The all-star cast feature the most up and coming names in American cinema. Mr. Caparas couldn't believe all the talent he found just hanging around the beach. Mr. Caparas even approached the editors of the Philippine version of Top Gear magazine to put the car he designed for the movie on their cover. He is confident the car will appear on their cover any time now because of the positive reaction he got from the magazine. The editors were reportedly so ecstatic they couldn't stop laughing and promised to include it in their Comedy Issue. Mr. Caparas is proud of the car whose design he personally supervised via MMS. He claims to have been influenced by Formula 1 cars, jet fighters, and speed when the car's design came to him in a dream. Mr. Caparas is optimistic of the box office and critical potential of his upcoming movie. He is already preparing his Oscar acceptance speech, and has hired a translator to help him convey his speech in English. Disclaimer: The opinions of this blogger do not necessarily reflect the views of this website. We just let him have his way sometimes.

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