How do I fix the odometer of my secondhand 2015 Toyota Vios?

First, talk to whoever sold you the car
by Ferman Lao | Aug 18, 2017

I bought a secondhand 2015 Toyota Vios. I noticed that its odometer is not functioning. Its digital reading is fixed at 14,260km from the time I bought it. I tried to use Trip A and B but the mileage will read only up to 0.9 and then will return to zero. I suspect that the odometer may have been tampered with.

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How do I fix it? Do you know of any reputable technician who can repair it? I inquired at Toyota but it will cost around P13,000 to replace the entire panel and 45 days to order the unit. Please help. God bless!

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Greg Ofalsa


Hi Greg,

I would explore the option of talking to whoever sold you the car to resolve the issue. Failing that, you're going to have to bite the bullet and spend for a new gauge cluster or find a surplus shop that can sell you a compatible unit.

Be aware that it may be possible that this is not all that may be wrong with the car. I hope you got it at a price that accounts for the defective odometer, and whatever else may possibly be wrong with it.

Unfortunately, I can't be of more help.

Thanks for writing in.


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