Screechy brakes alert!

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Jun 3, 2009

My car is almost ten years old but I always have it checked at its manufacturer\'s casa. Lately, I\'ve noticed that the brake pedal makes a tiny screeching sound whenever I step on it, particularly when it\'s raining. What could be wrong with my car?

The noise is most likely caused by built up brake dust and dirt that\'s caught in between your brake rotor/drum and brake pad/shoe or your brake pad wear indicator starting to rub against your brake rotor because it\'s nearing the end of its service life. A quick trip to a service shop will reveal which of the two it will be. If it\'s the former simply cleaning it will solve the problem while if it\'s the latter a rotor reface (if the rotor is still within specification) and brake pad replacement is in order.

Don\'t fall into the false economy trap by not having the brake rotor refaced when you change your pads. Doing so will give better brake performance and prolong the life of your brake pad as well. In any case, it doesn\'t hurt much to have your brake system\'s integrity checked every so often. Remember a car that can\'t stop well is an accident waiting to happen.

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