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by Ferman Lao | Oct 8, 2010

Hi, Ferman!

I’ve been a fan since November 2006, when I bought my first copy of Top Gear. I just want to know if it is advisable to use a car cover. I overheard somewhere that it might damage the paint of my car. My ride is a newly painted 1999 Honda City, and despite its age, I still want to protect it from all types of whether conditions. My garage is not really a garage but a small space beside my house. The nature of my job also forces me to park in any available space, even if it doesn’t have a roof. Is it bad to use car covers, which are said to be ideal for garage-less rides like mine?

Tolitz Cueto

Hi, Tolitz!

Most commercially available car covers are more than appropriate for their intended purpose. To be extra sure, you would want to get a car cover that “breathes” or allows moisture to pass through it, rather than one that keeps it in. The problem with non-breathable covers is that they catch moisture evaporating from the ground, creating sort of a sauna for your car’s paint.

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Whatever car cover you get, don’t let water dry by itself on your car after it rains. Remove the car cover and wipe off any rain water that finds its way inside. You’ll avoid water spots, as well as keep your paint in a much better condition for much longer. Finally, be sure that your car is clean before covering it. Accumulated dust will migrate to the inside of your car cover and end up scratching the clear coat of your paint the next time you put the cover on.

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