5 things to remember when towing your car

So you don't end up wrecking your car
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Jun 24, 2010

Here is the wagon as it landed at its new (but temporary) home

Here is the wagon as it landed at its new (but temporary) home. It is fitting to begin a new chapter here because after 11 months at the first shop, I got fed up and decided to move my wagon elsewhere. Do check out 12 Things to Remember when Restoring a Car for my nightmare of a story. Guys (and gals), do not be discouraged by that list. I have a feeling that mine was just an isolated case. Plus, nobody ever said that restoration is supposed to be easy, and at least I have one hell of a story to tell if anybody asks about the wagon.

I met the proprietor of the second shop after admiring his personal cars during one of those outdoor car shows. Chances are you've seen his white 1977 Galant Sigma around. The man who restored the beauty considers himself a Mitsubishi specialist and he has three immaculate Mitsus to prove it.

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We'd chat every now and then, mostly about my frustrations. Really, whenever anybody asked about my wagon my smile would disappear. It was that bad! He'd joke about why I didn't just ask him straight up if I could move my wagon to his place. I didn't at the time because I was still hoping for the best at the old shop. When I reached the tipping point I gave him a call.

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I spent the afternoon at the old shop, making an inventory of my car's parts. It was then that I realized so many things were either missing or have rusted away. I was pissed off, to say the least. The old shop spelled certain death for the wagon. I set an appointment with Viray Towing. You may call them at (02) 5324444.

The towing company's trucks may not be shiny and new, but the people get the job done. Transport within Metro Manila will set you back P2,700. When transporting a rolling chassis, here are some things to remember:

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1. Tow using only the designated tow-hooks (or hoops) on the car. The guys at the old shop almost wrecked my car when they tried to attach the hook to a suspension arm. Good thing I saw this before damage was inflicted. Idiots.

2. At least hook up the handbrake before towing. My car was bare, with the engine and transmission off. I made sure that there was at least one brake working.

3. When pushing the car, don't put pressure on sensitive bodywork. You might end up denting panels.

4. Make sure that everything is tied down properly. We loaded a bunch of things like my engine, transmission, radiator and doors on the back of that truck. It would be a disaster if anything fell out when running on a speedbump or rough road.

5. Get the address right. I waited for an hour because I gave the towing company the wrong address. That was stupid of me. I wish I took some photos while the wagon was on the flat-bed, but I was too busy assisting the crew and making sure that everything went smoothly.

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Let's see how things work out in the second shop. More interesting updates and photos to come. Thanks for reading, everyone!

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