Rolling Strong: You've got to love survivors (Part 1)

We do love survivors
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Jul 3, 2012

A good thing about spending a lot of time on my bicycle is that I am able to scope out some old-school cars while they are out in the wild. This sure beats taking haphazard photos from behind the wheel of my car whenever I see something that interests me. When I scan through the shots I’ve taken, I can’t help but be surprised at the survival rate of our older cars. For the most part, I believe that we are great at keeping things operational, be it out of necessity, or because there is really something cool about driving an older car.

Isuzu Gemini

Check out this Isuzu Gemini. From a few feet away it still looks pretty fresh, and completely stock. It probably gets excellent fuel mileage, thanks to its diesel-fed engine. Check out the complete fender emblems. The only things missing are the stock hubcaps.

Isuzu Gemini

Here’s another one fitted with 15-inch banana-type rims and low-profile tires. This car is a looker, don’t you think? Boxy can be so sexy, all the time.

Isuzu Gemini

The fender mirrors are a nice touch, too. You guys know that I’m a big fan of those.


I spotted this big Datsun at a shopping center. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you can help me identify the model, that would be great.


Here’s an AE86 that was up for sale a few months ago. I am sure that it fetched a premium.

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Mitsubishi Lancer

And this is a sexy one. I love the Lancer L-type. And check out its wheels. Nice! Do you drive a survivor? Send me a photo! More posts to come!

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