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Hi, Botchi!

I am in the market for a sport-utility vehicle. I've narrowed down my choices to the Subaru Forester 2.0 X and Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS-V. I'm in my 40s and I would like a dependable, easy-to-maintain vehicle with a good resale value.  I would appreciate your inputs.

If I were to increase my budget and choose between a Montero Sport 2.5 GTV and Forester 2.5 XT, what should I get? 

Need your advice immediately.



Hi, Hera!

Thank you very much for your email. We appreciate the time you spent to share with us your thoughts on the two cars.

Personally, I love both the Mitsubishi Montero Sport GTV and the Subaru Forester FX-T. Both are very fast, enjoyable to drive and they offer amazing high-speed stability. But it really depends on where you plan to use the cars. 

If you'll be doing a lot of driving on unpaved, poorly surfaced roads, and expect to wade through a lot of floods, river crossings and the like, the Montero Sport is a better option. It will also deliver more fuel efficiency and lower overall running cost because it is a diesel, and diesel fuel--even the premium variants--cost less than gasoline.

With the Subaru, you'll need to to fill up with high-octane fuel like Petron Blaze 100 or Shell V-Power to get the most out of the performance available from the car so running cost will be more expensive. Servicing a Subaru is also more expensive than traditional Japanese brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda. But the driving feel and experience behind the wheel is well worth it. It is better suited for the highways and also on high-speed dirt roads but for serious off-road work, you're better off with the Montero Sport. 

Ultimately it's a tough call, but I'd love to have either car in my garage!


Good luck, God bless and hope this helps you out in your decision-making process.

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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Botchi Santos
Consumer Editor
Botchi eats, lives and breathes cars (aside from hotdogs). Aside from wanting to drive any car, preferably through some scenic destination, he's always thinking of ways to "improve them" by modifying the (insert any car-related word here).
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