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The Singapore Grand Prix marks the return of the Formula 1 spectacle to Asia and, over the years, an increasing number of F1 venues have been set up in this part of the world. Still, even some of the biggest fans have second thoughts in putting down a sizable wad of cash to watch a race live--not surprising given how hard it is to just make ends meet.

We've been lucky to have occasionally witnessed motor racing's premier event right on the trackside both as pampered hacks and tourists on a budget, so we've come up with 10 reasons why it's worth seeing a race right at the venue. There's still time (though it'll be a fair squeeze) to make arrangements for the remaining grands prix this year, but if you'd rather wait till 2012, next season's calendar has already been finalized so you can plan your adventure around it.

See you at the races!

Sharleen Banzon
Editorial Consultant
An inveterate Formula 1 geek, Sharleen tips the scales at just 50kg because she starves herself to save up for F1 trips.
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