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5 mother-friendly car features

For the No. 1 woman in our lives


Today, we honor the person who carried us in her womb for nine months, took care of us and loved us unconditionally. She may have even be the one who first taught you how to drive. Today, we identify five car features that suit the lifestyle and important role of the woman who is celebrating this special day: our mother.

1. The multitasker\'s headroom. Move over, Toyota 86. Mothers need a big enough headroom that will enable them to get in and out of the car as they multitask: carry a baby in one hand or hold a toddler\'s hand while they get stuff from the car. All these activities she does without having to worry that she\'ll hit her head in the car.

2. Cargo capacity of 400L or more. Prior to having you in her life, your mother probably needed this cargo space for her shoes. But since you came, all this cargo has been intended for you and your siblings, if you have any. This cargo space is meant to transport a baby bag and a stroller; a school kid\'s bag and equipment for extra-curricular activities; or some silly and huge school project you were required to do.

3. Child safety lock. Usually built into rear car doors, this is a simple safety feature that does wonders to a mother\'s peace of mind.

4. Removable or foldable third-row seats for seven-seater vehicles. Mothers do the grocery, pick up kids from school, and run errands for an entire household. Sometimes, her task requires her to take more people in. Sometimes, she needs the vehicle all to herself and her load, which could be any of--but not limited to--these items: plants for the garden, and grocery items to feed and groom a household and family pets. Moms need a versatile vehicle that can serve her various errands.


5. Backseat entertainment and amenities. Naturally curious and sometimes hyperactive, children need some form of entertainment for long rides. Animated films showing on headrest monitors keep the kids happy. Cup holders, seat pockets and storage areas are all useful to keep the car in order even with a water bottle, book and toys in tow. A moonroof and a good sound system can lull kids to sleep. Teenagers will also appreciate these features when their mom lets them practice driving with her car.

Is there any other car feature that you think your mother would love? Share it with us and post your comment below.

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