5 Things only female commuters can relate to

Of course, commuting is hell for any gender
Mar 8, 2020

There is no doubt that the hellish ordeal known as the Metro Manila daily commute chooses no gender. But to celebrate International Women’s Day we wanted to share what going from point A to B is like for ladies.  

1) Women are scarier than men in the MRT.

Many women choose to ride the female-only carriage because they think that they are safe from perverts. But there’s one thing that never happens between a man and a woman—catfights. I’ve seen women try to cut in line only to be pulled and shoved back by feisty ladies. And you will never hear the end of it. It’s also common for women to throw shade at each other or exchange passive-aggressive comments. 

2) You leave the house with no makeup.

Heat, Manila pollution, and sweat-filled commutes won’t do your makeup any good. So if your trip involves getting drenched in sweat and sharing zero space with fellow commuters, it would be more logical for you to pack your makeup kit with you and freshen up at the office.


3) It’s harder when you have to dress up.

Have a presentation or a formal event that day? Better pack those heels or jacket—and this applies to both men and women. Because why would you wear your jacket when you’re bound to smell like carbon monoxide during that important pitch? And don’t let us girls get started on trying to catch a bus or climbing the stairs of an MRT station with heels on.

4) We have to mentally prepare when walking past construction sites.

If your commute to work involves a bit of walking, women have to have the ability to maintain a poker face and have deaf ears when walking beside construction sites to ignore all the catcalling and whistles. 

5) Bus rides can get uncomfortable.

Sure, it’s normal to get squeezed inside and get bumped. But sometimes strangers’ elbows ‘accidentally’ bump certain body parts. Was it an accident or intentional? It doesn’t really matter because it’s still inappropriate and uncomfortable.

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So, what’s the worst thing that has happened to you on your commute?

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