Snail mail from Davao makes our day

Because we are old-school souls
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Sep 14, 2018
PHOTO: Michael Hagel

We love it when we receive snail mail. At least, the older members of the Top Gear PH team do. It's how we used to show our affection, and many a romantic relationship was built on the hand-written word. These days, probably not so much anymore. What the hell is sexting?

Now, even if whippersnapper Jason Tulio's response to the letter sender is "Get an Internet connection," I must say that receiving a note via PhilPost warms the heart.

Here's what the letter from Michael W. Hagel from Davao City says: 

Dear Mr. Subido,

I'm writing to you about Top Gear PH, my best journal for more than nine years. The last edition I got was the 150th Issue. Since then, no more Top Gear PH in the market. Rumor has it that Top Gear PH isn't making this wonderful magazine anymore. I don't believe it, but what can I do? 

Give me an answer. What happened? Is there a future for so many readers? I'm really interested to hear from you.

All the best, 

Michael Hagel

Life in the Top Gear PH office is a rollercoaster--a mad dash to get motoring news out first. It's refreshing for a letter like this to land on our desk. The message is a nice reminder about the foundation that the magazine built, and the hard work that we put in back then. That ethic continues today.

I will be sending Mr. Hagel a handwritten response, along with a copy of Issue 151 (our final one); our web address; and the handles of all of our social media accounts. And I do hope he does get an Internet connection eventually so that he can link up with the Top Gear PH staff online at last, and discover the craziness that is

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Keep sending the letters in, electronic or otherwise. We read them and share them. When things aren't too busy, we will try our best to keep in touch. Have a great weekend.

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PHOTO: Michael Hagel
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