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Top Gear Philippines

Who would’ve thought that motoring, bikes, coffee and art could work well together? The mishmash of these elements is the concept behind the Base Camp art exhibit, a collaborative effort of Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café and Tin-Aw Art Gallery.

The exhibit runs from November 10 to December 12, and showcases the works of 22 artists. The artworks feature various mediums, and tackle subjects in movement and the physical body. You can get to enjoy the coffee shop's delicious chorizo pasta, too.

“Our passion for sport extends to the arts and how this zest for life can be expressed through various media,” said Maximus proprietor Andy Leuterio. Some art pieces express the sentiment of sharing the road, an important message for us motorists. Let's respect the pedestrians and bikers, guys.

Raynand C. Olarte
Print Art Director
The author is our print art director, which means he's the person in charge of the creative and layout design of our monthly magazine. He just happens to also know how to write really well. And he has a hot girlfriend.
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