Be informed: 10 things women hate in the car when driving or as passengers

According to our female industry friends
by Vernon B. Sarne | Mar 8, 2016

Top Gear Philippines print managing editor Stephanie Asi

Because it's March 8, or International Women's Day, we feel compelled to bombard you with stories that focus on the fairer sex. Here, we want to share with you the 10 things women absolutely hate inside the car when they're driving or riding as passengers. We'd like to thank a handful of our industry friends who took the time to answer our last-minute survey: Jade Sison of Toyota Motor Philippines; Sherlyn Co of Mazda Philippines; Kat Lanot of Honda Cars Philippines; and Therese Sarmiento of Nissan Philippines.

Things women hate when they're driving:

1. Being with a backseat driver. It's irritating when you bark orders, or when you criticize her driving skills. "When I’m driving, I don’t like someone who dictates so much on how I drive, or yung masyadong ma-comment. A little safety reminder is okay, but more than that can be quite annoying."

2. Super-loud, heavy-metal rock music. Women also like good driving music when they're behind the wheel, and raucous, ear-splitting sound doesn't fall under this category. For one, they find it distracting. For another, heavy rock usually doesn't have mushy lyrics (okay, that's probably a sexist comment). "My idea of driving rock music is Maroon 5, that's it."

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3. Unhygienic passengers. Be mindful of where you put your chewing-gum wrapper. And be sure to dust off your shoes before entering her car. "I'd hate it if a front-seat passenger put his feet up the dashboard."

4. Aggressive, confrontational conversations. If you have an issue with your lady driver--personal or otherwise--try to take it up with her until after you've reached your destination. It's nerve-wracking having to deal with rude bus drivers and a hostile companion at the same time. "Just not while I'm driving, please. I tend to get rattled. It's not safe for the both of us."

5. Rushing. Unlike most men, women are generally punctual. They don't like disregarding road safety just to get to a place much faster. "If I wanted to arrive at my destination early, I'd give ample allowance to my travel time. It's also more relaxing that way. Traffic is already too stressful as it is; I don't want to keep thinking of the people waiting for me at a meeting."

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Things women hate when they're the passengers:

6. Reckless driving. Look, women are not impressed with your Formula 1-style driving. Relax. They want you to observe the traffic rules. They want you to be safe. "I really hate it when the driver counter-flows."

7. Braking suddenly and often. Have you ever ridden with a driver who does that? It's nauseating, right? Well, women don't like it, too. "I hate it when the driver keeps braking or brakes for no reason at all. Nakakahilo."

8. Strong car scent. Take it from us: You can't go wrong with mild citrus air fresheners. "I hate OA car fresheners. Some even have two in the cabin, like you can’t smell anything else but the air freshener. Who likes those?"

9. Road rage. If you think you look Conor McGregor-tough to your lady passenger every time you scream at another driver, you're wrong. That's a huge turnoff. On the contrary, it gives her an idea of how you will be like somewhere down the road of your relationship. "What's up with all the macho posturing? Hello? If I wanted to date a brawler, I would have scoured a tough neighborhood in Pasay instead."

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10. Lack of female-friendly items. Be considerate of your lady companion, for she has special needs. Stock up on wet wipes, for instance. Or some dental floss. "For me, I hate it when my smartphone's battery is running low and there's no car charger."

Photo by Christian Halili


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