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5 reasons why you should consider becoming an Uber driver

Driving, which we assume you love if you’re reading this website, is fast becoming less of a pleasure and more of a horror movie-type experience. And that’s coming from a bunch of guys who make a living out of their love for cars. The sad reality is that the traffic problem is only getting worse by the day.

We advocate doing whatever you can to help the situation: Follow the road rules, commute when possible, try to avoid rush hours, and so on. Another option we can all consider is becoming an Uber driver. We spoke with Uber Philippines general manager Laurence Cua about the benefits for the average motorist if they sign their car up for Uber. Here are some of the insights he had to share:

1) It’s a way to make money

Money is good, right? This is kind of an obvious benefit, but one that you can’t really overlook. Whether you drive full-time or on top of other obligations, additional income is never a bad thing.


Cua says: “In this day and age, the good news is that the economy is getting better. People have other sources of income as well. But at the same time, they still have pockets of free time depending on their lifestyle. That’s where you see a lot these days of, ‘I can still make money. I don’t necessarily have to get a day job.’”

2) The time is yours

Working whenever you want. That’s the dream. This is possible with Uber—you can structure your driving times and days in whatever way fits your schedule.

“With Uber, the good thing is now [drivers] can just drive whenever they want. They go on when they want to, they can go offline when they’re tired or when they’re going to pick up their kids. That is extremely powerful,” Cua shares.

3) UberCommute can reduce your car costs

So maybe you do have a full-time job that takes up all your time and energy. Luckily, you can still ferry passengers around through UberCommute. This feature allows you to share your daily route with a commuter while splitting the cost. No need to go out of your way just to drop them off. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, especially your wallet.

Cua explains: “[UberCommute] is for people who already spend money on gas and parking, so they’re already driving. How can the rider win? First, if we can charge the rider less, then that’s a cheaper ride. The driver will be able to recoup the cost of operating the vehicle; the cost that he or she would otherwise be paying for anyway.”

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4) You can help ease traffic, too

Not only would driving for UberCommute save you gas and maintenance money, but you’d also be doing your part to help the traffic situation. “It’s very similar to UberPool where you’re putting more people into fewer cars. In the long run, we think that’s going to help with traffic congestion,” Cua says.

5) You don’t have to buy a new car to get started

Some of you might think that joining Uber means investing in a brand-new car. While Uber does have certain criteria for what cars can be used, the truth is that you can use almost any kind of ride. “The best kind of car that riders look for is something that’s clean and runs well. It doesn’t have to be brand-new as long as it’s well-maintained. I think that’s the most important part,” Cua shares.

Of course, maintaining a nice ride requires just as much work as the driving itself. Cua says: “Well-maintained means it’s running fine, hindi siya maingay, the aircon is working, and it’s clean inside. If you couple that with terrific driving and good customer service, then that’s your five-star rating.”

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