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The current-generation BMW X3 is at the end of its life cycle, but with this handsome M Sport kit it's hard to tell its age.

Introduced in 2010, BMW's compact SUV grew significantly from its predecessor. It's claimed to be as big as the first-generation X5—the granddaddy of the X-Series—but if they told me it's roomier, I can believe it. 

But its size doesn't detract from its athleticism. I wouldn't call it an Ultimate Driving Machine, but it's still more fun to drive than any crossover in its segment, and I think we also have to thank the 19in M alloy wheels for that.

If you have to buy a Bimmer, try to make sure it has an M in its name—whether it's an M Sport kit or the 'real' Ms. In this case, this X3 variant has the aforementioned wheels and the M Aerodynamic package. I doubt if the cladding actually improves aero, but it looks damn good. 

The cabin's color theme is black with touches of metal trim. It's classy AF and wonderful to both look at and hold. As with all modern BMWs, the switches and iDrive become intuitive over time. 

This F25 X3 may be due for replacement, but we'd still get one given the chance. Its look has stood the test of time, and the drive can be both relaxing and fun depending on your mood.

Have a lingering look at the X3 M Sport in our video above.

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