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Rumors have been going around for the past couple of days that pop star Justin Bieber could join Fast & Furious 7, with the news supposedly being first broken to the public by

If you think about it, with production of the movie currently on hold following the death of Paul Walker, who happened to be one of the franchise's major stars along with Vin Diesel, now would be a good time for the producers to overhaul the storyline and incorporate Bieber's character into the story, or maybe just tweak it a little bit and cast the recent Tacloban visitor.

As it so happens, one of the film's supporting stars, Ludacris, shared on Red Carpet News TV's YouTube channel in May 2013 that Bieber is very much interested to play a part in Fast & Furious 7.

So, do you think Bieber has what it takes to fill the void left by Walker in F&F?

Photo from Justin Bieber's official website


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