Fan stops his truck in traffic to get a selfie with The Rock

Respect, bro
by Jason Tulio | Jun 22, 2017

It's hard to not get all kilig like a school girl when you find yourself in the presence of your favorite celebrity. Hell, we meet local personalities all the time as part of our jobs, and even we're not immune to shamelessly asking them for a picture. This recent video posted by The Fast and The Furious actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock, however, takes fandom to a whole new level.

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As the story goes, The Rock was driving his pickup on the way home from work when a guy in a truck pulled up beside him. Not surprisingly, the guy recognized him instantly and started freaking out. When the actor waved hello, the giddy fan jumped out of his truck, stood in front of oncoming traffic, pulled out his phone, and asked his idol for a selfie. As you can see in The Rock's Instagram video, the fan could barely contain his disbelief.

To that eager fan, you have our respect. It's not easy to approach a famous person to ask for their photo, let alone in the middle of traffic. No word yet if the eager fan plans to calls his rig 'The TRock' from now on...

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