Guy loves his BMW M3 so much, he parked it indoors during a storm

It's about protecting your pride and joy
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Oct 12, 2016

You've probably heard about car enthusiasts doing almost insane things just to show love for their prized possession. From the routine wax with a bit of OC-ness, to things like taking care of the vehicle more than their wife or girlfriend. But here’s one dude who may just top the list.

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The recent onslaught of Hurricane Matthew in the US prompted one BMW fan to shelter his beloved E30 M3 in his living room. Instagram user Jalilsup drove his car right into the comfort and safety of his sala. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the 30-year-old classic, the car was able to fit through his home’s front double doors.

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While it was a tight squeeze, we reckon that it was a lot more risky leaving it parked outside and subjecting the prized steed to the ravages of a typhoon. Besides, a few scratches would be a lot easier to fix and less painful to deal with than a wrecked icon, right?

So as the wind blew and the storm battered its way across the land, Jalilsup and his M3 slept soundly. He even shared a few Cheerios with the car in the morning. Makes you wonder what you would do to protect your automobile. Would you go this far?

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With typhoons and floods being commonplace in the Philippines, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of you may do a similar thing. But whatever you do, remember that a car, no matter how much you love it, can be replaced. Don’t do anything that will put you or your family at risk. 

Have you ever done anything like what Jalilsup did to protect your car? Share your story with us. 

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PHOTO: Jalilsup Instagram account
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