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We've heard quite a few outrageous stories around the motoring community, but this one probably takes the cake. The story goes that there's a filthy rich Pinoy car collector who keeps his toys--mostly exotics like Lamborghinis, Porsches, Land Rovers and Bentleys, among many others--securely tucked away in a privately built resort somewhere in Batangas. According to this incredible tale, the guy owns close to 90 high-end automobiles.

Now, because said car enthusiast is apparently truly wealthy and also truly fastidious when it comes to the upkeep of his prized possessions, he reportedly had an exclusive tunnel built directly underneath the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway in Santo Tomas, Batangas, just so he could drive his super-expensive cars free from traffic jams and out of prying eyes.

Understand that we're not gullible around here, so we sort of take this anecdote with a grain of salt. But if you knew who our sources were, you'd believe it, too. Still, we know that no matter how moneyed a person is, funding the construction of an underground joyride track isn't a joke. If this were true, our best guess would be that the guy built this tunnel in partnership with other extremely rich car lovers in the country--a clandestine society we will probably never meet face to face.

Well, do you find a secret tunnel under the STAR Tollway believable?

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