Is this the most feature-packed dash camera you can buy for P10,000?

by Vernon B. Sarne | Jul 13, 2016

These are crazy times we live in. And nowhere is this truer than out there on the road, where stupid drivers, incompetent traffic officers and bumper-to-bumper congestion conspire to either get you into an accident or shove you into a road rage. We simply need to arm ourselves with a reliable dash camera, just so we can document everything that happens to us while we navigate our way through this motoring jungle we call Metro Manila. We might need the footage later on--whether for seeking justice or merely proving a point.

Now, we've featured several dashcams on this website. And to be honest, there are many of them being sold in the market right now that will do the job for a price that's easy on your wallet. In fact, go to CD-R King and you'll find a "car camera" for P800. Whether you'll get quality is entirely up to your concept of it. But yes, you can buy a cheap dashcam and have some peace of mind while driving.


But then if you're a bit of a techie who doesn't mind shelling out more cash for truly useful tech features on your personal gadgets, may we suggest this: the Polaroid E280GW, a Full HD 1080p dashboard camera that boasts a 140-degree super-wide F1.9 lens and a 2.7-inch capacitive-touch LCD screen. This is what that display screen looks like...

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If you think the above-mentioned lens and LCD screen are impressive, wait until you hear its full suite of features.

First, it has built-in GPS, which means your location gets logged and recorded. Then it has onboard Wi-Fi, which gives it the ability to shoot videos and then send said video files directly to your smartphone, in case you need to share them on Facebook or YouTube.

Impressed yet? Wait...there's more.

The product literature proclaims that this dashcam also comes equipped with the following technologies:

* lane-departure warning system;

* forward-collision warning system;

* headlight warning;

* driver fatigue alert;

* speed acceleration/deceleration alert;

* speed limit alert;

* speed cam alert;

* motion detection; and

* instant driving display mode.

We kid you not, all these features are claimed to be bundled inside this gadget--features that now serve as selling points on actual cars. Of course, whether they work seamlessly here is another matter altogether, and this requires a proper product test. The distributor has provided us with a demo unit, and we will let you know how it performs once we're done evaluating it.


For now, we're just pleased to learn that a dashcam this high-tech exists. It's not for everybody, sure. But if you want what is possibly the most loaded dashcam on the market today, this is worth checking.

The Polaroid E280GW is available at Blade Auto Center for P9,999.75, and comes with a free 32GB microSD memory card. More expensive than your usual dashcam, yes, but also a lot more feature-packed. If you think about it, one of its many features just might be able to pay for the whole thing one of these days.


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