The midway point between the north and south of Metro Manila has been settled

Courtesy of a viral Facebook post
by Jason Tulio | Feb 20, 2019
PHOTO: Google Maps

Have you ever argued with friends who live in the far north or south of Metro Manila over what a reasonable halfway point is between the two areas? I live in Pasig, but I went to high school in the south, so it’s an argument I know all too well. Back when my friends and I didn’t have our own cars, we would argue over and over about a meeting point that was reasonable for everyone.

Well, now it appears the debate has finally been settled. A viral Facebook post by Benj Ramos declares what the true midway point is, backed up with evidence from Google Maps. It turns out that the distance between Trinoma and Alabang Town Center is 34km by road. And what’s in between these two malls? Another Ayala establishment: Glorietta in Makati. Clever urban planning, perhaps?

We verified Ramos’s calculations, and the math checks out. So that settles that debate once and for all—but then again, we Filipinos love to measure distance in units of time. Equal distance on a map doesn’t always equate to the same amount of travel time. But that’s an argument for another day. 

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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