11 Images: The Motul 300V Super Fast Track Day

Because high-performance cars need to be let loose
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Apr 4, 2018

A few weekends ago, the Clark International Speedway played host to a mind-blowing event, one that proved that the Philippines isn't lacking when it comes to hardcore car enthusiasts.

The Motul 300V Super Fast Track Day was an invitation-only event organized by Carlos Gono, the man behind Autoplus Sportzentrium—you know, that shop along EDSA with kickass cars parked out front all the time. It's a one-stop garage where owners of high-performance cars have their rides maintained and tuned. We've done a number of photo shoots there in the past, and it's really a place that brings out our inner child.

Anyway, it's one thing to see these exotic cars static—like we do during those early-morning car meets at BGC—but it's another thing entirely to see and hear them at full tilt. This track day was an opportunity for Autoplus's friends and clients to open up the taps on their exotic rides.

The European marques came out to play very early in the morning, and by mid-afternoon it was the turn of the Japanese sport sedans to burn rubber on the track. Having all of these cars together in one place, and with them doing what they were meant to do, is a thing for the record books. Our friend Michael Anton is happy to share his snaps for this story. He's always present for these high-octane events. Do check out his photos below, and his personal gallery on Pbase. 

For those who don't know, Motul is a French brand, and it carries a whole line of lubricants, from engine oils; transmission and differential fluids; greases; brake fluids; and additives. And not incidentally, it is the brand of choice for the owners of these high-performance machines.

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Trust us, if you were the owners of these wonderful machines, you'd be particular about what goes inside them too.

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PHOTO: Michael Anton
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