Report: Carjacking foiled because thieves couldn't drive a manual

Kids these days
by Drei Laurel | Oct 24, 2016

With all the high-tech security features car companies are packing into their products, you'd think motorists like us are up against a new breed of super-savvy criminals with enough smarts to drive away with almost any ride. Apparently, this isn't the case--at least not for Dustin French, a resident of Benton Park, St. Louis, US.

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According to a report by, a pair of carjackers--described as in their late teens or early 20s--took Dustin's ride by force as he was leaving a gas station late last Thursday. "A car came up right behind sort of half parallel parked behind me. A passenger got out with a firearm, told me to get out of my car and empty my pockets," French said.

The pair told him to exit the vehicle and walk away. Dustin followed their orders, not wanting to get hurt. "All I got out luckily were my keys and I said what do I do now. I was asking for orders."

So, game over right? Well, not exactly. The two criminals would have gotten away with it…had it not been for that pesky manual transmission, French told reporters. Seriously? Wow. Kids these days are really something.

Surprisingly, a quick search through the internet will reveal this isn't the first time carjackers have been foiled by a manual transmission. So the next time a dealership is trying to sell you on alarm systems and monitoring your vehicle via phone, just remember to go for a stick. Millennials Criminals these days aren’t as smart as you think.

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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