This pedal-powered race is as cute as it is exciting

It'll have you on the edge of your seat
by Drei Laurel | Sep 11, 2018
PHOTO: Goodwood Road and Racing

Okay, admittedly we got a lot more excited over this video than we probably should have. It's a clip from the 2018 Goodwood Revival's Settrington Cup--which is basically a couple of dozen kids racing Austin J40s (the J stands for 'Junior') to the finish line.

Now, we know the finish line is probably just around 50 to 100 meters away from the starting grid and that these cars are pedal-powered, but the Austins were pretty neat, and the kids looked the part, too.

More importantly, there seemed to be a legitimate level of drama and competition in the air, with plenty of weaving in and out of lanes, as well as some unfortunate car trouble. The whole thing culminated in a nail-biting showdown between the event's two fastest minors.

What really had us on the edge of our seats, though, were the announcers. For an event filled with old-school rarities and plenty of actual racing, it's fairly impressive how they managed to keep up that level of excitement over a children's race.

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As they say, start them young. And it's difficult to picture younglings getting a better nudge into the wonderful world of motorsports than a racing spectacle such as this one. Play the video above to see all the excitement from this year's Settrington Cup.

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PHOTO: Goodwood Road and Racing
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