What if the Suzuki Dzire was a sporty fastback?

We imagine how it would look like
by Andrew Guerrero | Jul 5, 2018

Suzuki recently introduced the all-new Swift hatchback and Dzire sedan, which are essentially twins. Both are big improvements over their predecessors, and each gets its own styling theme to further differentiate one from the other. The Dzire, of course, is the more conservative-looking of the two, but what if it was more stylish?

Some of you might be wondering, what would a Dzire look like if it had the trendy floating roof design of the Swift, or if it had a five-door fastback roofline? We’ve been wondering the same thing, too. Here are some images we rendered to help visualize how a Dzire fastback would look like.

Its windshield would follow the more sloping angle of the sedan to complement the equally slanted back window. The latter is now part of the fifth door which stretches more than halfway over what was originally the trunk lid. This gives it a sleeker profile.

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The A-pillars are now completely blacked out, while the body-colored C-pillars also have blacked-out sections to give the roof the full floating treatment. The lower portion of the rear bumper is now black—this faux diffuser look slims down the car when viewed from the rear. Finishing off the transformation is a set of the Swift’s sharper looking 16-inch alloys.

For those curious as to why the Dzire sedan looks the way it does, that's because it was meant to compete in a segment unique to the Indian market; that of the sub-four-meter-long entry level 'compact' sedan. Why under 4,000mm in length? In India, the excise duty on these vehicles is much lower than that of a longer one. The formula is simple: Get an existing mini or subcompact class hatchback, then graft on half a trunk to make it a sedan minus the excess overhang.

Technically, a compact five-door fastback can exist, but that all that depends on its primary market. Most buyers seem to prefer more traditional hatchbacks and short sedans.  

Would you consider a Dzire Fastback over a Swift hatchback or Dzire sedan if Suzuki built it? Let us know what you think.

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PHOTO: Andrew Guerrero
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