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Top 10 lines our mothers say when we're driving

Sound familiar?

Things mothers say in the car

We may have learned to drive through our dads and kuyas, but we all know who made us better drivers. From the time we got our student’s license, our mothers have been reminding us to not go too fast, suggesting alternate routes, and, well, reminding us not to go too fast.

So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we list down memorable lines our moms have said to us when we’re in the driver seat. Feel free to add your own in case we missed anything.

  1. Ang bilis ng takbo mo. Because 50kph is clearly too fast.
  2. Buksan mo na 'yung aircon. You’re taking too long to put your seatbelt on.
  3. You drive like your dad. You have no right to disagree.
  4. Dapat nag-C5 tayo. Before there was Waze, there was mother.
  5. May motor/tao sa gilid mo! Mom was your first blind-spot warning system.
  6. Op-op-op... Amazing how three short syllables can convey so much--and so clearly.
  7. Ang lakas naman ng music mo. It’s also a cue to switch from Led Zeppelin to the Carpenters.
  8. Ano plano mo sa buhay? Mama's eternal question.
  9. Pagbigyan mo na. Mom is anti-road rage--or anti-anything-that-might-hurt-her-kid, for that matter.
  10. Daan lang tayo kina Auntie Baby mo. Saglit lang. Because whatever you've accomplished in life--corporate CEO, magazine editor or military general--you'll always be your mother's chauffeur.

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