Tug of war: Dodge Durango vs. Ford Explorer

Which SUV will win?
Aug 8, 2011

If you're comparing sports cars, you pit them in an acceleration contest. And if you're comparing bulky SUVs whose main selling points include towing capacity, you pit them in, um, a tug of war. Makes sense, right?

If only we had a stockpile of cash, we'd do crazy comparos like this. But we don't, so we just end up wondering. Good thing there are car commercials that settle our mental conundrums every now and then. Below is the latest Dodge Durango commercial that puts the American midsize SUV on one end of a chain and the new Ford Explorer on the other.

Who wins the humongous-torque tussle? You have to watch the video, although it seems pretty obvious since we already know who made the commercial. Still, a company wouldn't dare produce an advertising stunt like this if it couldn't actually back it up. So...


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