Is the Volvo S90's 360-degree camera cool or unnecessary?

Is tech making drivers lazy?
by Drei Laurel | Jul 7, 2017

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Say what you want about technology breeding less-skilled motorists completely dependent on cameras and sensors, but you have to admit some of these gadgets are pretty cool.

Check out the all-new Volvo S90's 360-degree camera, for example. It takes the concept of the backing-up camera to new heights—literally. It stitches together images taken from cameras around the car and feeds it to the infotainment screen to give the driver a drone's eye view of the S90's immediate vicinity. This ensures no obstacle goes unnoticed as you slide into your slot.

"Of course, backing-up cameras aren't anything new, but to stitch together all of the images is quite clever and it's really handy. So that's pretty cool," says Top Gear Philippines editor-in-chief Paulo Subido as he demonstrates the feature in the short video above.

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Can you imagine if all cars had this? Man, parking would never be the same again. Do you agree with Paulo's assessment of the S90's 360-degree camera? Or do you feel that the feature is completely unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below.


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