Watch: This 'Star Wars' speeder replica is amazing

A labor of love
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Aug 10, 2016

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, then chances are that you’ve fantasized about riding the speeders that appear in Return of the Jedi. Seen zipping through the forest moon of Endor, these were arguably one of the coolest vehicles in the film franchise.

Well, it looks like the guys at Vintage Works seem to share the same sentiment. In fact, they're so fired up about the Imperial transport that they decided to build their very own—albeit running on two wheels. This cool motorbike sports the same design as the movie icon, and allows riders to feel like they’ve actually hopped on to a movie set.

While it can’t exactly fly or go as fast as the ones in the film, this copy does have handlebars that operate the flaps located in front. The Vintage Works crew even threw in a sound system with blaster and speeder effects, so that the Stormtrooper riding can at least pretend that it's powered by an anti-gravity engine.

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Unfortunately, Star Wars fans will have to be content with admiring this moving work of cinema art. That’s because Vintage Works doesn’t have any plans of producing more than one example. Oh well, our LTO probably doesn't have a classification for fictional speeders anyway.

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