What if somebody switched your car with a higher-end version?

BMW did just that to an unsuspecting customer
Oct 4, 2011

Imagine this scenario. You leave your most cherished car in the parking lot and proceed to attend to some personal matter. When you come back--hours later--your car is not in the parking slot you left it in. Baffled and worried, you scour the area for any signs of your car. You spot it (or so you think, especially since it's the same make and model, has the same paint job, sports the same license plate, and responds to your remote key).

Once inside the car, you don't notice anything different, as everything seems to be just as you left it--including the tacky doll hanging from the rearview mirror. But when you start the engine...

Okay, we don't want to spoil the story for you. Watch this marketing stunt BMW pulled off in Singapore.


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