You can buy a Gibbs Quadski (used by Clarkson on Top Gear) in PH

We know the price of coolness
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jun 10, 2014

Gibbs Quadski on Top Gear

In the second episode of Series 21 of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson raced against Richard Hammond around Lake Como in Italy. Hammond drove an Alfa Romeo 4C, while Clarkson used an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, in the beginning. The episode showed Clarkson intently giving chase, until he crashed his ATV into Lake Como. The ATV's wheels then retracted and the machine transformed into a jet ski. The curly-haired host then said: "Cue the Bond." And the James Bond theme played as he raced across the surface of Italy’s famous lake.

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We suppose the best way to describe the scene is to let you watch it for yourself:

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The dual-mode wonder is the Gibbs Quadski, an amphibious ATV powered by a BMW motorbike engine. And guess what: You can now buy it in our country--as long as you have the dough, of course.

Our friends from Networx Jetsports, who provided us with delightful UTVs during a recent road trip, are now selling the Quadski. You can have one for the cool price of P2,800,000 (although our source says there's still wiggle room in that figure).

That's a lot of coin, even for an amazing vehicle like the Quadski. But nobody said being James Bond was cheap.


Gibbs Quadski on land

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