12 gift suggestions for the motorsports aficionado

Give them a good start for 2012
by Mikko David | Dec 20, 2011

It's that time of the year again when you go out of your way (we hope) to find that special gift for your special someone. But what if your significant other is a motorsports nut? Now if you're one of those who couldn't be bothered to learn the difference between an apex and a slick tire, then allow us here at Top Gear to give you some nifty gift suggestions on what to get your racing-crazed mate.

And if you're just plain hunting for a good gift to save up for your self after spending so many listless hours watching cars go round and round a racetrack, then don't fret. We might have the right item to satisfy your own need for speed.

Racing is an expensive sport but making someone feel like a true red-blooded racer need not cost you much. Then again, if you're willing to go the extra-mile and money's no object, trust us to show you how to splurge wisely as well.

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