Can you list down all the song titles in our November issue?

We dare you to spot every single one
Nov 3, 2011

Top Gear Rock 'N' Roll Issue

Our theme for this month is Rock 'N' Roll. If you've bought a copy of the November issue and read the Chief's letter, then you know what we did for this edition. Every story title is the title of a song (mostly rock songs and a few pop ones). Not just for article titles, but also for section openers, sidebars and bullets. We now challenge you to spot them all (and name the artists if you can). We used exactly 72 song titles in this issue, from the cover all the way to the Show-Off page. Let's see if you can find them all. Do note that some portions of the magazine do not have story titles, like Gearhead and Used Car, among others.

The answers can be found right below this photo of the Chief's all-time favorite band.


The Simpsons on Abbey Road

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1. ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 (COVER)

2. ‘Rip It Up’ by Bill Haley & The Comets (COVER)

3. ‘Highway Star’ by Deep Purple (COVER)

4. ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ by Poison (COVER)

5. ‘Hella Good’ by No Doubt (CONTENTS)

6. ‘Shake It Up’ by The Cars (CONTENTS)

7. ‘Roll With It’ by Oasis (CONTENTS)

8. ‘Speed King’ by Deep Purple (CONTENTS)

9. ‘South Of The Border’ by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (LETTERS)

10. ‘Dazed And Confused’ by Led Zeppelin (LETTERS)

11. ‘Work To Do’ by The Isley Brothers (LETTERS)

12. ‘Earth Angel’ by The Penguins (LETTERS

13. ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye (LETTERS)

14. ‘Spin The Black Circle’ by Pearl Jam (CAPTION THIS PHOTO)

15. ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ by The Beach Boys (NEW METAL OPENER)

16. ‘Ode To My Family’ by The Cranberries (NEW METAL)

17. ‘Midnight Rider’ by The Allman Brothers Band (NEW METAL)

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18. ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ by Bob Dylan (NEW METAL)

19. ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan (STYLE REVIEW)

20. ‘Imitation Of Life’ by R.E.M. (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

21. ‘The Bends’ by Radiohead (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

22. ‘End Of The Line’ by Roxy Music (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

23. ‘Paint It, Black’ by The Rolling Stones (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

24. ‘Vanity Kills’ by ABC (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

25. ‘Cool Change’ by Little River Band (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

26. ‘Even Flow’ by Pearl Jam (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

27. ‘Hip To Be Square’ by Huey Lewis & The News (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

28. ‘Out Of Touch’ by Hall & Oates (STYLE REVIEW BULLET)

29. ‘Real World’ by Queensrÿche (STYLE REVIEW CAPTION)

30. ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses (CAR CULTURE OPENER)

31. ‘Cool The Engines’ by Boston (CLARKSON)

32. ‘There She Goes’ by The La’s (TRAFFIC STOPPER)

33. ‘Black Magic Woman’ by Santana (CHECKPOINT)

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34. ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ by B.B. King (LOCO-IN-MOTION)

35. ‘Teenage Dream’ by Marc Bolan & T. Rex (A DAY IN THE LIFE)

36. ‘There’s A Place’ by The Beatles (REVOLUTION)

37. ‘Good Times Roll’ by The Cars (CAR-STRUCK)

38. ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin (STEER CLEAR)

39. ‘Just Like This’ by Limp Bizkit (CAR CLUB)

40. ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ by Neil Young (MOTORWORLD)

41. ‘Good Intentions’ by Toad The Wet Sprocket (SHAKEDOWN OPENER)

42. ‘Born In The USA’ by Bruce Springsteen (SHAKEDOWN)

43. ‘Another Second Time Around’ by Goo Goo Dolls (SHAKEDOWN)

44. ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole (SHAKEDOWN)

45. ‘Sign O’ The Times’ by Prince (SHAKEDOWN)

46. ‘Tug Of War’ by Paul McCartney (THE BIG TEST)

47. ‘New Sensation’ by INXS (TOP READ OPENER)

48. ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ by The Verve (CHRYSLER 300C)

49. ‘Come And Get It’ by Badfinger (FORD EXPLORER)

50. ‘Bring The Noise’ by Public Enemy (FORD EXPLORER SIDEBAR)

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51. ‘Rock And Roll Lifestyle’ by Cake (MINI COOPER)

52. ‘Put Your Records On’ by Corinne Bailey Rae (MINI COOPER SIDEBAR)

53. ‘Rockin’ Down The Highway’ by The Doobie Brothers (TOP READ)

54. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ by The Verve (TOP READ SIDEBAR)

55. ‘Famous Last Words’ by Jars Of Clay (TOP READ SIDEBAR)

56. ‘Party Out Of Bounds’ by The B-52’s (ROAD TRIP)

57. ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck’ by Rod Stewart (FULL THROTTLE OPENER)

58. ‘Dressed For Success’ by Roxette (RACE READY)

59. ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ by Third Eye Blind (ASSEMBLY LINE)

60. ‘Everything Counts’ by Depeche Mode (WRONG CAR/RIGHT CAR)

61. ‘Cockamamie Business’ by George Harrison (MOTORMOUTH)

62. ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ by Radiohead (CAR TECH)

63. ‘On The Road Again’ by Canned Heat (OLD SCHOOL)

64. ‘Street Beat’ by Toni Basil (MOD RIDES)

65. ‘Speed Of Sound’ by Coldplay (HOT GEAR)

66. ‘Shakermaker’ by Oasis (HOT GEAR)

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67. ‘Rock Steady’ by No Doubt (THE WORKSHOP)

68. ‘Take It To The Limit’ by The Eagles (INDUSTRY)

69. ‘How Soon Is Now?’ by The Smiths (INDUSTRY)

70. ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ by The Eagles (INDUSTRY)

71. ‘Wheel In The Sky’ by Journey (INDUSTRY)

72. ‘Alive And Kicking’ by Simple Minds (SHOW-OFF)

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